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    Nate's Grocery financial statements using periodic inventory

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    Comprehensive cycle problem: periodic system
    The following trial balance pertains no Nate's Grocery as of January 1, 2012
    The following events occurred in 2012. Assume that Nate's uses the periodic inventory method.

    Account Title Beginning Balances
    Cash $26,000
    Accounts receivable 4,000
    Merchandise inventory 50,000
    Account payable 4,000
    Common stock 43,000
    Retained earnings 33,000
    Total $80,000 `
    Purchased land for $9,000 cash.
    Purchased merchandise on account for $96,000, term 1/10 n/45
    Paid freight of $1,000 cash on merchandise purchased FOB shipping point
    Returned $3,600 of defective merchandise purchased in Event 2
    Sold merchandise for $86,000 cash
    Sold merchandise on account for $90,000, terms 2/10 n/30
    Paid cash within the discount period on accounts payable due on merchandise purchased in Event 2
    Paid $11,600 cash for selling expenses
    Collected $50,000 of the accounts receivable from Event 6 within the discount period
    Collected $40,000 of the account receivable but not within the discount period
    Paid $6,400 of other operating expenses
    A physical count indicated that $47,600 of inventory was on hand at the end of the accounting period.

    1) Record the transactions in the accounting equation model like the below one
    2) Prepare income statement and balance sheet.

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