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Cash Discount

1) A supplier is offering you firm a cash discount of 2 percent if purchses are paid for within ten days otherwisse the bill is due at the end of sixty days. Would you recommend borrowing from a bank at an 18 percent annual interst rate to take advantage of the cash discount offer? Explain 2) Assume that you have been offe


Use the following to answer question 99: KAB Inc., a small retail store, had the following results for May. The budgets for June and July are also given. May June July (actual) (budget) (budget) Sales

Can you please explain how to work this problem?

Using the free cash flow approach, what should the company's stock price be today? Today is December 31, 2002. The following information applies to Harrison Corporation: -After-tax operating income [EBIT(1-T)] for 2003 is expected to be $950 -The company's depreciation expense for 2003 is expected to be $190 million -The co

Cash projections and schedule of cash receipts

3. Gibson Manufacturing Corp. expects to sell the following number of units of steel cables at the prices indicated under three different scenarios in the economy. The probability of each outcome is indicated. What is the expected value of the total sales projection? Outcome Probability Units Price A 0.20 100 $20

Cash not Profit

Agree or disagree. Why? Cash -- Not Profits -- is King. In measuring value we will use cash flows rather than accounting profits because it is only cash flows that the firm receives and is able to reinvest.

Cash vs. Debt

Discussion Question 1: A company here in San Diego was in the news about a year ago regarding its' success and the concerns that industry analyst's had with the company. The company is Websense. They make Web filtering software for corporations, stopping employee use of company computers to access unauthorized web-sites (think

Calculating Float, Net Float, Cash Discounts

Please help me with the problems attached. . Calculating Float. You have $60,000 on deposit with no outstanding checks or uncleared deposits. If you deposit a check for $110,000. a. Does this create a disbursement float or a collection float? b. What is your available balance? c. Book balance? 6. Calcul