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    Cash Rebates in the Automobile Industry

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    Explain whether you would recommend that the automobile businesses use cash rebates. In this discussion, please provide references that are used and use a consistent citing format.

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    Forecasting Process and Cash Management technique

    Financial Forecasting is more valuable and crucial for the success of the organization. It helps the whole organization to pre set their plans or strategies according to the future contingencies. It simple terms it is a thought and a preparation for the future because without proper forecasting no firm will able to set its priorities. It paves the way for the company to press out the targets and anteriorities and also to check that they are internal coherent, so that it will be easy to accomplish the goals easily without any trouble. A forecasting process also aids the company to key out that what assets are required and what are the demands for the external ...

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    This solution discusses whether cash rebates are sound to utilize in business decisions, what percentage of rebates offered are actually paid and provides a recommendation for using cash rebates in the automobile industry. This solution is 493 words and also includes a couple of references.