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    Beta and Required Return of a Project

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    What you need to know about Required Rate of return

    The real risk-free rate is 2.00%, investors expect a 3.00% future inflation rate, the market risk premium is 4.70%, and Kohers Enterprises has a beta of 1.10. What is the required rate of return on Kohers' stock? a. 9.43% b. 9.67% c. 9.92% d. 10.17% e. 10.42%

    Yonan Corporation's Stock: Required Return

    Yonan Corporation's stock had a required return of 11.50% last year, when the risk-free rate was 5.50% and the market risk premium was 4.75%. Now suppose there is a shift in investor risk aversion, and the market risk premium increases by 2%. The risk-free rate and Yonan's beta remain unchanged. What is Yonan's new required r

    Required return of 10%, what should the stock sell for today

    Boomer Products, Inc. manufactures "no-inhale" cigarettes. As their target customers age and pass on, sales of the products are expected to decline. Thus, demographics suggest that earnings and dividends will decline at a rate of 5% annually forever. The firm just paid a dividend of $4; given a required return of 10%, what shoul

    Intel and Boeing's stock expected return

    Suppose Intel stock has a beta of 2.16 whereas Boeing stock has a beta of 0.69. If the risk-free interest rate is 4% and the expected return of the market portfolio is 10%, what is the expected return of a portfolio that consists of 60% Intel stock and 40% Boeing stock, according to the CAPM?

    What is the expected return of the portfolio given three asset classes?

    Your portfolio has three asset classes: U.S. government T-bills account for 45% of the portfolio, large-company stocks constitute another 40%, and small-company stocks make up the remaining 15%. If the expected returns are 3.8% for the T-bills, 12.4% for the large-company stocks, and 17.5% for the small-company stocks, what is

    Portfolio Return and Standard Deviation.

    Jane is considering investing in three different stocks or creating three distinct two-stock portfolios. Jane considers herself to be a rather conversative investor. She is able to obtain forecasted returns for the three securities for the years 2010 through 2016. Year Stock A Stock B Stock C 2010

    Risk analysis: a. determine the range of the rates of return for each of the two projects b. which project is less risky? why? c. if you were making the investment decision, which one would you choose?

    Lunar Designs is considering an investment in an expanded product line. Two possible types of expansion are being considered. After investigating the possible outcomes, the company made the estimates shown in the following table: Expansion A Expansion B Initial investment $12,000 $12,000 Annual rate of return Pessimistic

    Required rate of return of Visa

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? In reviewing the background materials of the company "Visa" on the concept of the required rate of return, 1. What factors do you think determine the required rate of return of Visa? 2. Do you think Visa should have a higher or lower required rate of return than the ave

    Lashgari Company: A stock just paid a dividend of $1

    6. A stock just paid a dividend of $1. The required rate of return is rs = 11%, and the constant growth rate is 5%. What is the current stock price? $15.00 $17.50 $20.00 $22.50 $25.00 7. The Lashgari Company is expected to pay a dividend of $1 per share at the end of the year, and that dividend is expected

    Operating assets 18

    Question 18: (2 points) The Consumer Products Division of Goich Corporation had average operating assets of $792,000 and net operating income of $90,300 in May. The minimum required rate of return for performance evaluation purposes is 6%. What was the Consumer Products Division's minimum required return in May? $5

    Beta Alpha Psi (BAP)

    1-A2 Management by Exception Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), the accounting honorary fraternity, held a homecoming party. The fraternity expected attendance of 70 persons and prepared the following budget: Room rental $ 140 Food $ 700 Entertainment $ 600 Decorations $ 220 Total $1,660 Afte

    Expected Stock Price with Growth

    Constant growth stock valuation Fletcher Company's current stock price is $ 36, its last dividend was $ 2.40, and its required rate of return is 12 percent. If dividends are expected to grow at a constant rate, g, in the future, and if rs is expected to remain at 12 percent, what is Fletcher's expected stock price 5 years from n

    Using Beta.

    Investors expect the market rate of return this year to be 14 percent. A stock with a beta of .8 has an expected rate of return of 12 percent. If the market return this year turns out to be 10 percent, what is your best guess as to the rate of return on the stock?

    Evaluate: The Required Rate of Return

    Question: The Consumer Products Division of Goich Corporation had average operating assets of $782,000 and a net operating income of $89,300 in May. The minimum required rate of return for performance evaluation purposes is 9%. What was the Consumer Products Division's residual income in May? $18,920 $20,220 -$18,920 -$

    Calculating Rates of Return

    On April 21, 2006, Toyota Motor Credit Corporation (TMCC), a subsidiary of Toyota Motors, offered some securities for sale to the public. Under the terms of the deal, TMCC promised to repay the owner of one of these securities $10,000 on April 23, 2036, but investors would receive nothing until then. Investors paid TMCC $1,163 f

    Value of bond

    Quinn Electric Company has outstanding a bond issue that will mature to its $1,000 par value in 12 years. The bond has a coupon rate of 15% and pays the interest annually. a) Find the value of the bond if the required return is (1) 10 percent, (2) 15 percent and (3) 17 percent. b) Use your findings in part a) to discuss the

    Calculating Rate on Return and Profit Margin

    Problem1 Bass Chemical, Inc., is considering expanding into a new product line. New assets to support expansion will cost $1,200,000. Bass estimates that it can generate $2 million in annual sales, with a 5 percent profit margin. What would net income and return on assets (investment) be for the year? Problem 2 Hugh Snore B

    Return on Equity

    Utilizing the following information, compute the firm's return on equity. Balance Sheet (000) Current Assets 1,500 Current Liabilities 910 Fixed Assets 7,000 Long term Liabilties 1200 Common Stock(at par) 2000

    Stock Beta and Standard Deviation

    1. A stock has an expected return of 13.6 percent, the risk free rate is 4 percent, and the market risk premium is 7.5 percent. What must the beta of this stock be? 2. A portfolio has an annual variance of .0607. What is the standard deviation over a two month period.