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    Beta and Required Return of a Project

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    Expected and Required Rates of Return .

    (6-13): Historical Returns: Expected and Required Rates of Return You have observed the following returns over time: Year Stock X Stock Y Market 2003 14% 13% 12% 2004 19 7 10 2005 216 25 212 2006 3 1 1 2007 20 11 15 Assume that the risk-free rate is 6% and the market risk premium is

    Calculate required rate of return on equity using CAPM

    At the end of the year 2004 the Office Equipment Industry had free cash flow to equity (FCFE) of $2.50 per share. The following annual growth rates in FCFE are projected Year Growth Rate 2005 10% 2006 15% 2007 20% 2008 25% 2009 20% 2010 15% 2011 10%

    What is the abnormal rate of return; systematic risk measure (beta)

    USE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION FOR THE NEXT FOUR PROBLEMS Stock Rit Rmt ai Beta A 10.6 15 0 0.8 Z 9.8 8.0 0 1.1 Rit = return for stock i during period t Rmt = return for the aggregate market during period t 1. What is the abnormal rate of return for Stock A during period t using only the aggregate market return (

    Finance: unlevered beta, WACC, project NPV, MIRR, market risk premium

    1) Morgan Entertainment has a levered beta of 1.20. The firm's capital structure consists of 40% debt and 60% equity and it has a corporate tax rate of 40%. What is Morgan's unlevered beta? 2) Rhino Inc. hired you as a consultant to help them estimate their cost of capital. You have been provided with the following data: D1

    Nominal required rate of return

    Exaplain why you would change your nominal required rate of returne if you expected the rate of inflation to go from 0 (NO INFLATION) to 4 percent. Give an example if what would happen if you didn't change your required rate of return under these conditions.

    Calculating Beta and Required Return

    Beta and Required Return The riskless return is currently 6%, and Chicago Gear has estimated the contingent returns given here. Realized Return State of the Market Probability that State Occurs Stock Market Chicago Gear Stagnant 0.20 -10% -15% Slow Growth 0.35 10% 15% Average Grow

    Portfolio investment percentage questions

    My portfolio which has a beta of 1.14 consists of three mutual funds: an international fund, a utility fund, and a technology fund. The international fund has a beta of 1.5 and makes up to 20% of the portfolio. The utility fund has a beta of 0.5 and the technology fund has a beta of 1.3. If the portfolio's beta equals 1.14, how

    Calculating the value of a share of stock

    Suppose that you are interested in buying the stock of a company that has a policy of paying a $6 per share dividend every year. Assuming no changes in the firm's policies, what is the value of a share of stock if the required rate of return is 11%?

    Federal Income Tax Return

    3. When is a taxpayer required to file a federal income tax return? What are the consequences of failing to file a tax return that you were otherwise required to file? When would a taxpayer with no income tax liability and no withholding want to file a tax return?

    Risk, Return, and Beta Estimation (Middle Ltd.)

    Can you help me get started with this assignment? TABLE 1: Market Data Middle Ltd Extra Inc. Year Market Index Stock Price Dividend Stock Price Dividend 0 7500.00 30.00 75.00 1 7835.76 30.68 0.74 75.60 5.30 2 8715.18 36.49 0.76 76.32 5.37 3 9120.94 42.

    Albright Motors expected to pay a year end dividend of $3 a share

    6) Albright Motors is expected to pay a year end dividend of $3 a share (D1=$3). The stock currrently sells for $30 a share. The required (and expected) rate of return on the stock is 16%. If the dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate, g, what is g? 7) You work for smith company as a consultant. Kroncke target c

    Portfolio beta problem

    Keith Johnson has $100,000 invested in a 2-stock portfolio. $30,000 is invested in Potts Manufacturing and the remainder is invested in Stoh's Corporation. Potts' beta is 1.60 and Stohs' beta is 0.60. What is the portfolio's beta?

    Projects Firm Undertake

    Problem:Please complete all of the problems on the attached spreadsheet, please include formulas on the spreadsheet and put answers on the spreadsheet underneath each question. Please complete all ...there is moreshow problemPlease complete all of the problems on the attached spreadsheet, please include formulas on the spreadsh

    Portfolio P: Required Return and Market Risk

    Stock A has a beta of 0.8, Stock B has a beta of 1.0, and Stock C has a beta of 1.2. Portfolio P has equal amounts invested in each of the three stocks. Each of the stocks has a standard deviation of 25%. The returns on the three stocks are independent of one another (i.e., the correlation coefficients all equal zero). Assume th

    Calculating Risk Using Beta & Standard Deviation of Return

    Common stock A has an expected return of 10%, a standard deviation of future returns of 25%, and a beta of 1.25. Common stock B has an expected return of 12%, a standard deviation of future returns of 15%, and a beta of 1.50. Which stock is riskier? Why is beta an important part of the equation? Explain.

    Calculating Return of Investment: Example Problem

    Using the formula Rate of return on investment) = Profit margin x Investment turnover Calculate the return of investment for the following division results: Sales $8,928,000 Income from operation $650,000 Profit margin $ 4,385,000 a) Margin __________/_______________=______________ Investment turnover _________

    Calculating a Stock's Beta and Required Rate of Return

    A stock has a required return of 11%; the risk-free rate is 7%; and the market risk premium is 4%. a. What is the stock's beta? b. If the market risk premium increased to 6%, what would happen to the stock's required rate of return? Assume the risk-free rate and the beta remain unchanged.

    A. What is the expected return and volatility (standard deviation) of your investment? b. What is your realized return if J goes up 25% over the line? c. What return do you realize if J falls by 20% over the year?

    Suppose you have $100,000 in cash, and you decide to borrow another $15,000 at a 4% interest rate to invest in the stock market. You invest the entire $115,000 in a portfolio J with a 15% expected return and a 25% volatility. a. What is the expected return and volatility (standard deviation) of your investment? b. What

    Nominal return on investment: does inflation affect the return

    If you earn a 10% nominal return on an investment, are you really 10% more wealthy? a. No, because there may be inflation, which causes your real return to be less b. No, because if inflation = 0, then your real return is less c. Yes, because you really have 10% more dollars d. Yes, because inflation does NOT effect your r

    Stock Portfolio expected return and beta

    *see attached for table* You own a portfolio consisting of the following stocks: Multiple Choice - calculate expected portfolio return and portfolio beta: A. Expected portfolio return 10.6% and portfolio beta .90. B. Expected portfolio return 15.5% and portfolio beta 1.20. C. Expected portfolio return 17.8

    Required Portfolio Beta for a Given Stock

    2. You have a $1,000 portfolio which is invested in stocks A and B plus a risk-free asset. $400 is invested in stock A. Stock A has a beta of 1.3 and stock B has a beta of .7. How much needs to be invested in stock B if you want a portfolio beta of .90? A. $0 B. $268 C. $482 D. $543 E. $600

    A Diversified Portfolio's New Beta

    Suppose you hold a diversified portfolio consisting of $10,000 invested equally in each of 10 different common stocks. The portfolio's beta is 1.12. Now suppose that you decided to sell one of your stocks that has a beta of 1.00 and to use the proceeds to buy a replacement stock with a beta of 1.95. What would the portfolio's ne

    ABC's Compared to XYZ's Required Rates of Return

    ABC Manufacturing has a beta of 1.65, while XYZ Industries has a beta of 0.85. The required return on the stock market is 12.00% and the risk-free rate is 5.00%. What is the difference between ABC and XYZ's required rates of return?

    Information about Calculating Number of Machines Required

    A company's production facility, consisting of two identical machines, currently caters only to product A. The annual demand for the product is 4000 units. Management has now decided to introduce another product, B, which uses the same facilities as that of product A. Product B has an annual demand of 2000 units. In view of the

    Calculate profit margin that would give the required return

    Solar Corporation has $500,000 of assets and it uses only common equity capital (zero debt). Its sales for the last year were $600,000 and its net income after taxes was $25,000. Stockholders recently voted in a new management team that has promised to lower costs and get the return on equity up to 9.25%. What profit margin woul

    Rate of return

    If you wanted to retire on 75k per year, and you are 35 years old and have 25k saved, how much do you need to put away every year so that you can retire? Please tell me what rate of return you would use and why. We will assume you will live for 25 years after you retire. For this exercise, you can spend every penny and not wo