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    Hartman Company: Use the high-low method to estimate the overhead cost behavior

    5-43 Interpretation of Regression results: Simple Regression Using a Spreadsheet Hartman Company's Lucas plant manufactures thermostatic controls. Plant management has experienced fluctuating monthly overhead costs and wants to estimate overhead costs accurately to plan its operations and its financial needs. Interviews with

    Thorne Company: Contribution margin by product

    See attachment for better format. Thorne Company manufactures and sells three products. Relevant per unit data concerning each product are given below. Product A B C Selling price $8.96 $11.82 $16.22 Variable costs and expenses $2.72 $9.54 $11.72 Machine hours to produce 2 1 3 Compute

    5-39 Account Analysis: Large limousine company, cost per unit

    5-39 Account Analysis The accounting department of a large limousine company is analyzing the costs of its services. The cost data and level of activity for the past 16 months follow: Month Special Analyses Customer Accounts Paychecks Processed Accounting Service Costs 1 2 325 1029 $63,800.00 2 4 310 993 68

    Unrelated Business Income Tax

    For each of the following organizations, determine the amount of the UBIT. a. AIDS, Inc., an exempt charitable organization that provides support for individuals with AIDS, operates a retail medical supply store open to the general public. The net income of the store, before any Federal income taxes, is $305,000. b. The lo

    fraud investigation interviews

    Conducting an interview as a fraud investigator, is the interview an evidence gathering process in itself? Please elaborate.

    Variance Analysis Standard Manufacturing Costs

    The Beal Manufacturing Company's costing system has two direct-cost categories:direct materials and direct manufacturing labor. Manufacturing overhead (both variable and fixed) is allocated to products on the basis of standard direct manufacturing labor hours (DLH). At the beginning of 2009, Beal adopted the following standards

    This post discusses the Sltakin SEC case.

    Please go to http://www.sec.gov/litigation/litreleases/lr17796.htm. This SEC litigation release identifies Daniel Jacobs as a co-conspirator in Slatkin's effort to deceive the SEC. Pay close attention to the bulleted section. a. What do you learn about NAA Financial? b. Who is Michel (Mitchell) Axiall?

    Critical Path Analysis (CPA)

    Scope is indeed important; as is the need sometimes to change it...happens all the time! Question: does this mean the Critical Path Analysis (CPA) can change during the lifetime of a project? Please include references.

    Fiscal Administration

    What are the various types of consumption taxes? What are the justifications for each type Why are general sales taxes and excise taxes on liquor and tobacco often regressive? What are the major benefits and disadvantages of imposing user charges?

    Conversion of bonds: E-16 Gottlieb Corporation

    E16-6 (Conversion of Bonds) On January 1, 2007, Gottlieb Corporation issued $4,000,000 of 10-year, 8% convertible debentures at 102. Interest is to be paid semiannually on June 30 and December 31. Each $1,000 debenture can be converted into eight shares of Gottlieb Corporation $100 par value common stock after December 31, 20

    Computation of Ratios

    Industry Average Actual 2009 Actual 2010 Current Ratio 1.3 1.0 Quick Ratio 0.8 0.75 Average Collection Period 23 Days 30 Days Inventory Turnover 21.7 19 Debt Ratio 64.7% 50% Times Interest Earned 4.8 5.5 Gross Profit Margin 13.6% 12.0% Net Profit Margin 1.0% 0.5% Return on To

    Calculating Margin and Taxes and Returns

    1. Carson Corporation stock sells for $ 17 per share, and you've decided to purchase as many shares as you possibly can. You have $ 31,000 available to invest. What is the maximum number of shares you can buy if the initial margin is 60 percent? 2. You purchased a stock at the end of the prior year at a price of $ 81. At th

    Straight - line depreciation

    2.) Phyllis believes that the firm should use straight-line depreciation for a capital project because it results in higher net income during the early years of the project's life. Joanna believes that the firm should use the modified accelerated cost recovery system depreciation because it reduces the tax liability during th

    ABC Company: Accounts Receivable Turnover

    Analysts maintain that two of the most important ratios are inventory turnover and accounts receivable turnover. You are analyzing ABC Company, a computer manufacturer. You notice that accounts receivable turnover this year is significantly lower than prior years. Provide three explanations that would be consistent with this

    Management accounting, problem 1-31

    The managers of Quince Products (Problem 1-31) decide they will hire a management accountant to help them analyze the decision to expand their product line. They solicit bids from various accountants in the city and receive three proposals. In describing Accountant A: "I have recently advised the symphony

    FASB Codification Exercise using the Master Glossary

    Access the FASB Codification ad http://asc.fasb.org/home to prepare responses to the following exercises. Provide Codification references for your responses. 1. Access the glossary ("Master Glossary") to answer the following. (a) What are trading securities? (b) What is the definition of "holding gain or loss"? (c) W

    Split off point, break even analysis

    Step down method, Break-even point, Cost Variance, and Split-off point ************************************************************ 4 Blower Company is divided into four departments. Departments A and B are service departments and Departments 1 and 2 are operating (production) departments The services of the two servic

    Tax Base/ Temporary difference Questions

    ABC Company has the following items in its audited financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2011. (i) Freehold land costing $100 million is revalued to $150 million. For tax purposes, there is no depreciation. Gain or losses on disposal of land at the revalued amount will be taxable. (ii) A machine cost $200 millio

    breakeven analysis for freelance pizza

    Assume that you are offering a freelance pizza delivery service for local pizza stores that do not have their own delivery service. Based on the going rate for pizza in your market area and the geographic market you plan to cover, create a breakeven analysis for your new business. You are free to negotiate a percentage of the fo

    How to Calculate Additional Funds Needed (AFN)

    Calculation of Additional Funds Needed Baxter Video Production's sales are expected to increase from $5 million in 2007 to $6 million by 2008 or by 20%. Its assets totaled $3 million at the end of 2007. Baxter is at full capacity, so its assets must grow at the same rate as projected sales. At the end of 2007, current l

    Darius Company: Explain the October $72,000 unfavorable income variance

    See attached file. Darius Company operating budget for October had anticipated pretax operating income of $75,000. Drew Mackenzie, Dariusas general manager, was therefore disappointed when, in early November, Dariusas controller gave him a report showing that only $3,000 of operating income had been earned in October (see Exh