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    Accounting Fraud and Attorney

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    Can an accountant and an attorney be the same person?

    An accountant and an attorney can definitely be the same person. In fact, many professional organizations, including the National Society of Attorney CPA's encourage it. When you have an attorney-CPA, the individual possesses the legal expertise of an attorney, combined with the accounting knowledge of an accountant. By combining the two professions into one individual or into basically one profession, the professional will be able to competently assess accounting transactions while also having the legal knowledge required in the forensic investigative process.

    Please elaborate. Can the attorney be a witness, as well?

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    No, the reason is that there can be a conflict of interest between witness and an attorney. There is no reason that the same person should represent the plaintiff as an attorney. If the CPA has to present as a witness, there can be another attorney ...

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