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    Aldor Company's four operating segments: How should Segment

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    In 2006 and 2007, each of Aldor Company's four operating segments met one of the three quantitative tests for segment reporting. In 2008, Segment B failed to qualify. I have presented a basic look at the drivers and how my company uses them. You will want to add your ideas and insights for this as well.


    Intelligence, the ability to process information, apply it, and organize it for use in flexible and positive ways
    Technology, finding ways to integrate personal across the world and internally, making interaction between colleagues, companies, clients, public improve. Improving frameworks to make change more efficient, while maintaining security and trust.

    People, what makes them work more productively and more competently is a key question. How a company can advance people's knowledge and skills and keep the working at peak productivity.

    Rational, process and rational thinking need to be intertwined so that people can understand and use it. Management of systems, people, and marketing must be driven by rational thought processes and ideas.

    Customers, without whom there is no business want to make changes in how they shop, what is offered, how they can acquire it. People will go to great lengths to find what they want and use of technology, along with more creativity and less price and cost emphasis is important.

    Social, People want to see meaning in their lives and they want to feel a connection with businesses and people who also want to see change and touch issues and other people.

    Emotional, access to the needs and wants of other people. Taking a part in their lives and hopefully improving it, by making things easier, faster, better.

    Environment, diversity, attention to environmental issues, taking into consideration culture and societal differences, using the experiences and knowledge of the diversity in population people come in contact with daily. Using the information and knowledge of the internet to make changes that are both good for people and the climate.

    Our company is driven by the social and emotional. We work with the developmentally disabled and for us, the ability to create new ways for them to live independently and work independently is very important. We move into their lives to help them and hopefully change them through this access to their hopes, their aspirations and goals. We try to oversee and assist in their goals and work toward their satisfaction and increase in independence and well being on a personal level. Each day a person lives and works independently, is one where they are not beholden to any other person or entity for support, but can look proudly at their own accomplishments and goals achieved.

    We actually invent ways for people to gain work that they can accomplish and are helpful to employer. We set up goals and ideas and then make them happen. Not everyone can work at any job, but most people, disabled included, can perform tasks that are meaningful and earn them a wage that allows them to feel and be independent.

    We do acknowledge that rational drivers are important. Without rational consideration, we could definitely create scenarios of jobs that would not be good for companies. With some consideration we might change the impossible job search into a job by doing things such as job carving, choosing a portion of a job that someone could do and help save time and money for the company while using the person's skills. Our customers drive us to be more innovative. Each person comes to us as individuals. Not everyone with autism or CP or Schizoaffective disorder is the same and their illnesses, skills, intelligence and abilities are not the same so we must individualize each person and what they need done.

    The prescribed tests because of abnormal financial conditions. The other three segments qualified for reporting. For 2008, how should Segment B?

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    Yes, segment B should be reported but management has some discretion on this. If management "judges" an operating segment identified as "reportable" in a prior segment to be of "continuing importance," it can report it even though it doesn't meet the criteria (see codification section 50-16 below). In other words, if the segment is considered material to management, it should be reported even after it fails the formal criteria. The abnormal financial conditions mentioned hint that it might be material and would normally be a reportable segment ...

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