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    Basic and diluted earnings per share

    What are the differences between basic and diluted earnings per share? What are the differences between the numerator and the denominator in the basic and diluted earnings per share calculations? As an investor, do you evaluate a company as a potential investment using basic or diluted earnings per share? Why?


    BJ Motors has annual average purchases of $200,000 and an ending accounts payable balance of $36,000. How long, on average, does the company take to pay for its purchases?

    Country Analysis - India and Bangladesh

    1. List 5 opportunities and threats that could result from SOCIAL or CULTURAL factors in India and Bangladesh. List how other companies have adapted or overcome these factors in the above two countries?


    Your client is the 100% shareholder of company X. Company Y wishes to acquire all of company X. Your client has asked you for your advice whether he should merge his company with Y and accept some stock in the new entity and cash, or accept a cash price for his company. What is your advice and why?

    Operating Costs

    Scenario: Andre has asked you to evaluate his business, Andre's Hair Styling. Andre has five barbers working for him. (Andre is not one of them.) Each barber is paid $9.90 per hour and works a 40-hour week and a 50-week year, regardless of the number of haircuts. Rent and other fixed expenses are $1,750 per month. Hair shampoo

    Cost Accounting

    Please answer all twenty-six questions, providing detailed explanations for each answer. 1. Cross Functional Decision Making: A) Brings together individuals from diverse functions and backgrounds in order to generate innovative solutions to problems. B) Brings together individuals from different industries to benchma

    Variance being Over- or Under-Applied

    Factors and considerations used in determining if a variance is over- or under-applied. Why is this type of analysis important to managers? What are some causes of variances? How should they be addressed? Who should be held responsible for these variances?

    Invest Idle Cash

    One of the CFO's or controller's job is to invest idle cash and make sound investment decisions. What are some common products that can be used to earn some return in a short time on the idle cash?

    Frantic Fast Foods had earnings after taxes of $390,000 in the year 2000 with

    1. Frantic Fast Foods had earnings after taxes of $390,000 in the year 2000 with 300,000 shares outstanding. On January 1, 2001, the firm issued 25,000 new shares. Because of the proceeds from these new shares and other operating improvements, earnings after taxes increased by 20 percent. a. Compute earnings per share for th

    Stockholders voting shares under cumulative voting

    Midland Petroleum is holding a stockholders' meeting next month. Ms Ramsey is the president fo the company and has the support of the existing board of directors. All members of the board are up for reelection. Mr. Clark is a dissident stockholder. He controls proxies for 40,001 shares, Ms. Ramsey and her friends on the boar

    Calculate: Refunding of Bonds

    Scenario: The Bowman Corporation has $20 million bond obligation outstanding, which it is considering refunding. Though the bonds were initially issued at 12 percent, the interest rates on similar issues have declined to 10.5 percent. The bonds were originally issued for 20 years and have 15 years remaining. The new issue would

    Calculating the refunding of bonds

    The Bowman Corporation has $20 million bond obligation outstanding, which is considering refunding. Though the bonds were issued at 12 percent, the interest rates on similar issues have declined to 10.5 percent. The bonds were originally issued for 20 years remaining. The new issue would be for 15 years. There is an 8 percen

    Unemployment calculation

    Suppose the following data describes a nation's population: Year 1 Year 2 Population 150 million 225 million Labor Force 120 million 180 million Unemployment rate 7% 5% a) How many are unemployed each year? Year 1______ Year 2 ______ b) How many are employed each year? Year 1__

    National Income Accounting

    Calculate national income from the following figures: Consumption $200 Billion Depreciation $20 Billion Retained earning $12 Billion Gross investment $30 Billion Imports $40 Billion Social Security taxes $25 Billion Exports $50 Billion Indirect business taxes $15 Billion Government purchases $60 Billion Personal inco

    Price and efficiency variances

    Peterson Foods manufactures pumpkin scones. For January 2007, it budgeted to purchase and use 15,000 pounds of pumpkin at $0.89 a pound. It budgets for 60,000 pumpkin scones. Actual purchases and usage for January 2007 were 16,000 pounds at $0.82 a pound. Actual output was 60,800 pumpkin scones. 1. Compute the flexibl

    Minimize current year tax liability

    Becky graduated from a Midwestern college in 2000 and began work as a marketing manager trainee for a large consumer products company. Becky had never prepared her own tax return before, but she was determined to do it for the first time. Becky got all pertinent information together, and it appears as follows: Data on two W

    Determining one year return for xyz company's stock

    Supposed xyz company's stock is selling for $80.00 today. I am expecting a dividend of $3.00 next year and I plan to sell the stock for $95.00 one year from now. Calculate the one-year return on PDQ stock.

    Annual/Actual Growth Rate Problem

    Acme Corporation sales were $6million in 1995 and $12 million in 2000. Since sales have grown 100% in 5 years the annual growth rate is 20% (100%/5). What's wrong with this calculation and what is Acme's actual annual growth rate?

    Accounting Questions

    2) INSTRUCTIONS: Solve the following problems and record the answers in the Answers column. 0. If total direct labor costs are $100,000 for 25,000 units of production, the per-unit direct labor cost is 1-3. Fixed costs for Flag Stamp Co. are $250,000. The selling price per unit is $20.00, and variable costs are $15.00.

    Accounting Fill in the Blanks

    0. The manner in which a cost changes as a related activity changes is known as 1. In terms of cost behavior, direct materials and labor costs are generally classified as 2. The range of sales or production activity over which the behavior of the cost is of interest to management is called the 3. The activity that is

    Variable and absorption costing comparison

    Variable and absorption costing are two cost methods. Compare and contrast these two methods, including the implications of using either method. Include at least one example to support your comparison.


    Question 7 What does it mean when overhead is over- or underapplied? What costs are affected by this and what are the two different ways to adjust for the over- or underapplied amount? Question 8 Aster Manufacturing uses the weighted-average method of process costing. The following information was available for th


    Problem 4 You are trying to determine whether machine hours or direct labor dollars would be the best cost driver for overhead costs. You run two regression analyses and obtain the following results: Machine hours: Multiple R .39429 R square .15547 Adjusted

    Three cost accounting problems

    Problem 1 Bradford Products has the following product information available: Sales price $25.00 per unit Variable costs $15.00 per unit Fixed Costs (total) $50,000 Required: Answer each of the following independent questions. A.What is the contribution margin per unit? B.What is the contribution ma

    Compute ROI

    The Woods and Water Company has two operating divisions, the Service Division and the Irrigation Division. The company evaluates the performance of its division using the return on investment (ROI) measure. The following information pertains to the two divisions as of the end of the current year. See attachment for table.