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    Coca-Cola Corporate Overview

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    What is the history of the management team of Coca Cola?
    Have there been acquisitions or divestitures for Coca Cola?
    What is its financial history of Coca Cola?

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    What is the history of the management team of Coca Cola?

    The Coca-Cola Company is a beverage manufacturer. Its beverages consist of energy drinks, juices, juice drinks, soft drinks, sports drinks, tea and coffee drinks, and water. (CocaCola.com) Dr. John Stith Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886. It was the doctor's second coca leaf and kola nut based drink. The drink was concocted in a three-legged brass kettle in his backyard on May 8, 1886. (Coke, 2006) Coca-Cola was originally used as a nerve and brain tonic and as a medical elixir. It was intended to stop headaches and calm nervousness. (Worldstudy, 2006) The formula consisted of lime, cinnamon, coca leaves and the seeds of the plant called coca (kola) nuts. The drink was also Dr. Pemberton's effort to help his own morphine addiction. (Wekipedia, 2006) The thought was that by combining his favorite drink, coca wine, and his soda he could control his addition. The reason for this was that both drinks contained coca leaves, which contains cocaine. Contrary to urban legend, the original coca-cola mixture was not green in color. The original formula called for caramel color to be added to give it a rich full-bodied color and would cover and hide any impurities in a batch. (Snopes, 1999)
    The organizational structure of Coca Cola is:

    It is organized into six geographic Operating Groups

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