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    Annotated Bibliography on Innovation

    Find four peer- or jury-reviewed articles on an innovation related to your specialization. Evaluate each article for the following: Reliability of evaluation of research methods and of the theories and data on which the article is based Appropriateness for intended audience Authority or background of the author Limitati

    Business Combination (VIEs and Consolidation statements)

    Please treat (1) (2) and (3) as separate units: (1) Hambly Corp. owned 80% of the voting common stock of Stroban Co. During 2011, Stroban sold a parcel fo land to Hambly. The land ad a book value of $82,000 and was sold to Hambly for $145,000. Stroban's reported net income for 2011 was $119,000. What was the noncontrolling int

    Mike's Meats Joint Costs: physical units, sales-value-at-split-off method

    Problem 2: Mike's Meats incurs costs of $4,000 while processing raw chicken meat into three products: breasts, wings, and thighs. The meat is then sold to local grocery stores based on the following. Sales Price per lb. Quantity produced (lbs) Breast $2.00 3,000 Wings $0.50 1,000 Thighs $1.00 2,000 Required: (Calculate re

    Bubble Corp Joint Costs: Allocate using physical units, NRV, constant GP %

    Problem 1: Bubble Corporation manufactures two products, I and II, from a joint process. A single production costs $4,000 and results in 100 units of I and 400 units of II. To be ready for sale, both products must be processed further, incurring separable costs of $1 per unit for I and $2 per unit for II. The market price for P

    FASB: Inventory

    1. Locate the Master Glossary in the FASB Codification, and answer the following questions: a. What is the formal definition in the glossary of the term "Inventory?" b. ABC Company has a number of machines used for manufacturing its products. One of ABC's machine suppliers is trying to get rid of its existing machines to

    Determining filing status in the United States

    Marion and Howard are married. Howard left home in February of 2012 and has not lived with Marion since. Marion has not spoken to Howard since November and does not wish to file a joint return regardless. They are not blind or disabled. No one may claim them as dependents. Marion does not wish to designate $3 for the Presidentia

    Managerial Accounting- Activity Based Accounting

    I am working on a project for a class and I am having problems arriving at the right numbers, I don't need the report typed up or anything. But I need help with the answers and understanding the work so that I can compare my work and learn the process so I can write the accompanying report. The excel file has two sheets with

    Relevant financial information for investors

    Assume there is a well-financed, one-year-old company in the biotech industry that is concentrating on developing chemical-based compounds that are aimed at developing drugs to reduce the effects or onset of Alzheimer's Disease. What financial information (ratios or otherwise) would you think would be relevant or irrelevant from

    Federal Income Tax and Expensing

    1. Many people believe that the federal income tax is far too complex. But are there good reasons for this complexity? Provide an example of complexity in the Federal individual income tax code and describe the reason lawmakers included the provision in the tax code. Do you believe complexity is a necessary part of the internal

    Risk of Exposure from Import and Export

    Companies that import or export goods from other countries are exposed to risk because of currency fluctuations. Explain how a company might minimize its risk of exposure. Is there a way to eliminate all uncertainty related to fluctuations in currency? Explain why or why not.

    Business Decision Making Questions

    The steps in management's decision-making process are listed in random order below. Indicate the order in which steps should be executed. Please see attached document for details and more questions.

    Preparing a Professional Development Plan (PDP)

    A construction crew does not begin to build a new house without the architect's blueprint. Though issues may arise during construction that requires changes to the blueprint, a blueprint serves as the necessary foundation for construction and helps the crew to visualize and track the impact of any changes. Most business initia

    Correcting Internal Control Weakness

    See the attached file. (L. OBJ. 3,5,7,8) Correcting internal control weakness Each of the following situations has an internal control weakness. a. Rite-Ways Applications sells accounting software. Recently, development of a new program stopped while the programmers redesigned Rite-Way's accounting system. Rite-Way's acco

    Virtual Bakery Tour questions

    Go to the Flowers Foods' Virtual Bakery Tour at: http://www.flowersfoods.com/FFC_CompanyInfo/VirtualBakeryTour/index.cfm View the Virtual Bakery Tour of the company's bakery in Texas. After taking the tour, answer the following questions: What functions have been outsourced? Which parts of the general production proces

    Schedule A Income Tax Calculation

    A staff tax accountant has come to you for advice. She has begun a tax return and does not know what to do with the expenses that the client has submitted as itemized deductions. She is unsure which expenses are allowable and should be included on her Schedule A. Review the expenses submitted by the client below. (Note: The clie

    Taxation Memorandum

    Problem Carol and Jerry, LLP, pays the Good Eats Cafe each month for the lunches the two accountants eat there each work day. While at lunch, Carol and Jerry always discuss some business. Often Carol and Jerry invite friends who work at another CPA firms to join them, so they can keep up with what is happening in the account

    ROI and Persuasive Arguments to see more possibilities

    ROI impacted by new investment generate a persuasive argument You manage an investment center (evaluated based on the return on investment). Your production manager brings you a potential deal, a large piece of equipment that can help the company save money. The production manager explains to you that he doesn't think he can

    Mecklenburg County Balanced scorecard

    A company that provides training, certification and consulting services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations in applying best practices in balanced scorecard (BSC), strategic performance management and measurement, and transformation and change management has a customer success story on its website at http://w

    FASB: Current Assets, Prepaid Expenses

    1. Locate the Master Glossary in the FASB Codification, and answer the following questions: a. What is the formal definition in the glossary of the term "Current Assets?" b. Provide one drill-down reference from the Master Glossary for where the term "Current Assets" is used in the Codification. 2. "A company includes pr

    Elliot Company and Ryan Company

    18 - 1 Elliot Company estimates that costs of production for the coming year would be: Raw materials $75,000 Direct labor 90,000 Production overhead 135,000 a) Calculate the overhead rate for the next year, assuming that it is based on direct labor dollars. b) Journalize the entry necessary to show the total cost of produ

    LBJ Company Internal Control

    You have a client, LBJ Company, with a lean organization and these practices: - Accountant purchases all of the supplies and pays for these purchases. - Accountant receives the checks and completes the monthly bank reconciliation. - All employees have access to petty cash and are asked to only place a note if they use any o

    Jumper Co and Cable Corp

    On January 1, 2010, Jumper Co. acquired all of the common stock of Cable Corp. for $540,000. Annual amortization associated with the purchase amounted to $1,800. During 2010, Cable earned net income of $54,000 and paid dividends of $24,000. Cable's net income and dividends for 2011 were $86,000 and $24,000 respectively. Assumin

    Techron Co and Jannison Inc

    On January 1, 2010, Jannison Inc. acquired 90% of Techron Co. paying $477,000 cash. There is no active trading market for Techron stock. Techron Co. reported a common stock balance of $140,000 and retained earnings of $280,000 at that date. The fair value of Techron Co. was appraised at $530,000. The total annual amortization wa

    Risk and Return: Bond income, capital gain, and return

    John Haven purchased a bond for $9,500. The bond pays $300 interest every six months. If John decides to sell the bond after 18 months for $10,000 what would be his: 1. Income? 2. Capital Gain or Loss? 3. Total return in dollars and as a percentage of the original investment?

    Distributing Sales and Properties to Shareholders

    The corporation owns a building with a $160,000 adjusted basis and a $120,000 fair market value. The company has earnings and profits of $200,000. Is it more advantageous for the company to sell the property and distribute the sales proceeds to its shareholders or distribute the property to its shareholders and let them sell the

    Taxation Consequences

    Problem 1 Joey parked his car on the top of a hill when he went to watch the Superbowl games in San Diego. He did not properly set his brakes or curb the wheels when he packed the car. When he returned from the games, he found his car had rolled down the hill, smashed into Nick's house, and injured Nick, who was watching TV