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Accounting Standards

Preventative Controls

Discuss the nature of preventive controls that may be designed into an AIS. Give an example and explain how it may prevent fraud or abuse of the system.

Determining Tests of Controls

1) What do you do if you are unable to determine internal controls? 2) Which do you think is most important? The two types of audit tests are tests of controls and the substantive tests. The tests of controls are tests that are designated to reduce assessed risk and their assessment of risks of misstatement of materials a

Classifying types of costs

The following costs were incurred by Osaka Metals Company to maintain the quality of its products. (Yen is the national currency in Japan). 1. Operating an X-ray machine to detect faulty welds, 110,000 yen. 2. Repairs of products sold last year, 116,000 yen. 3. Cost of rewelding faulty joints, 17,000 yen. 4. Cost of sendin

Company Controls for Raptor Manufacturing

Your client, Raptor Manufacturing, is a large public company that manufactures afterburning turbofan engines for F-22 fighter jets. Many components that are used in the production process are purchased from nonrelated vendors. Since management can reasonably estimate how many engines will be produced per year, the company has

NeatBeat Production of Drums: Classify Costs

See attached file for the template. 18-2A - Listed here are the total costs associated with the 2011 production of 1,000 drum sets manufactured by NeatBeat. The drum sets sell for $300 each. Costs Cost by Behavior Variable Fixed Cost by Function Product Period 1. Plastic for casing - $12,000 $12,0

Internal Controls: Segregation of duties with adaptations for technology

Segregation of Duties (SoD) and other classic internal controls such as management oversight have been adapted to consider technology. Compare/contrast the classic controls with their adaptations for technology. Have one or more of the classic controls become obsolete when applied in technology? On the flip side of that, describ

Problem 12-6 Changing Standards

12-6: The empirical evidence reveals that very few firms change their standard prices and standard quantities during the fiscal year. Most firms have the following policy, "we set our standards before the fiscal year begins and we never, never change them during the year (except when we have to)". Required: a. Evaluate the

value adding or non value adding - budgeting

Identify the following activities performed on a manufactured product as value-adding (VA) or nonvalue-adding (NA). 1. Receiving 2. Storing raw materials 3. Moving materials 4. Working on product 5. Painting product 6. Packing and shipping 7. Engineering design of product

Importance of compliance, enforcement of standards

-Use the library, the ISO Web site, and other Web resources to identify a situation where ISO 9000 standards have been employed to upgrade processes or software systems. Identify the benefits of using ISO 9000 in the situation. -Answer the following questions: Why it is critical for employees to stay in compliance with IS

Classify Value or non-value added activities: Anna Bellatore; Dewey and Cheatam

A. Anna Bellatore, Inc. is interested in using its activity based costing system to improve its operating efficiency and its profit margins by applying activity-based management techniques. As part of this undertaking, you have been asked to classify its Mesa plant activities as value added or non-value added. 1. Designing n

Tests of controls v. substantive tests

18-21 Following are some of the tests of controls and substantive tests of transactions procedures commonly performed in the acquisition and payment cycle. Each is to be done on a sample basis. 1. Trace transactions recorded in the acquisitions journal to supporting documentation, comparing the vendorâ??s name, total dollar

ISO 9000 standards

Read the article associated with the following link ... Since 1993 how has the medical industry benefited from implementation of ISO 9000 standards? What if any affect will it have on health care reform?

Classify expenditures as deductible for AGI, from AGI or non-deductible

Classify deductions for AGI or a deduction from AGI or non deductible. a. Amos contributes $500 to his H.R. 10 plan (i.e., a retirement plan for a self-employed individual). b. Keith pays $500 of child support to his former wife, Renee, for the support of their son, Chris. c. Judy pays $500 for professional dues that are re

Setting Standards

Exercise 10-8 Setting Standards [LO1] Czar Nicholas Chocolatier, Ltd. makes premium handcrafted chocolate confections in London. The owner of the company is setting up a standard cost system and has collected the following data for one of the company's products, the Imperial Truffle. This product is made with the finest white c

What are internal controls and why are they needed?

1. What are internal controls? 2. Do all companies need them? 3. Why does a company need them? 4. Explain some common internal controls that a company might have in place. What are they designed to protect? 5. What are the reporting requirements regarding internal controls in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act? Can you include refer

Internal Controls

Identify one or more control procedures (either general or application controls, or both) that would guard against each of the following errors or problems. a. Leslie Thomas, a secretary at the university, indicated that she had worked 40 hours on her regular time card. The university paid her for 400 hours worked that week.

Potential misstatements/tests of controls - payroll

16-35 (Potential misstatements/tests of controls?payroll) The following questions are included in the internal control questionnaire on control procedures for payroll transactions in the Pena Company: 1. Are pay rates, payroll deductions, and terminations authorized by the personnel department? 2. Are time clocks and cloc

Business safeguards and Controls

Now that I have identified the strategies (see information below) that are to be implemented in the business in the letter to my relative; I need to determine: 1. What safeguards to put in place to ensure that the goals identified can be pursued ethically. Policies, procedures, or mechanisms that when effectively ap

Classify Costs as: Internal failure, External failure, Prevention, or Appraisal

Please help with the following accounting problems. Provide at least 100 words. Companies that implement quality cost systems typically use four cost categories. Classify the following costs as internal failure, external failure, prevention, or appraisal: - Scrap - Warranty claims - First-part inspection of a new produ