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    BrainMass Video Lectures are a great way to learn about subjects or topics that you're currently studying. Each full lecture is split up into smaller videos that are quick to watch and relate to the specifics of the concept in question. Every lecture is created and narrated by one of our Academic Experts, so you can be sure that the information you're receiving is of the utmost accuracy.

    What's Included?

    What's Included in a BrainMass Video Lecture

    Everyone learns in a different way. Some people are more visual learners and some people are more auditory. Others like to read or interact with a person. As such, BrainMass provides a few different ways to learn and improve your grades. Video Lectures provide students with both a vocal explanation AND visual cues in the form of a presentation, allowing the student to sit back, watch and absorb the most important bits of information about the topic in question.

    An Outline of What's Included

    Each Video Lecture will provide you with information on what's going to be covered throughout the video. The Expert Author will explain what's coming up, in what order and why it's important for you to learn it.

    Visuals & Diagrams

    Many of our Video Lectures will include visual cues and diagrams to help you understand what's being explained. They can take the form of charts, pictures, flow diagrams or many other types of illustrations. Having something to look at can make a huge difference when learning something new or complicated.

    An Explanation from the Expert

    Every step along the way, our Experts will be talking you through the key points of the topic. You'll be able to hear a human being tell you in plain English just what you're dealing with. It's always easier to understand complicated and challenging topics when someone explains them to you and BrainMass Video Lectures do just that.

    A Video To Watch, Any Time You Need It

    Purchasing a BrainMass Video Lecture means that you'll now have access to that video for as long as you're using BrainMass. All your video purchases are listed in your account, so you never have to go too far to review something you've already watched. Your information and purchase record is safe with us.

    A Summary to Wrap Things Up

    Every Video Lecture will include a small summary at the end of the last video. This ensures that after you've finished learning, you'll get a review of everything you've covered, what the take away is, and a reminder for any of the important or difficult points.

    BrainMass Video Lectures are not only a fantastic way to get explanations of troublesome topics, but they also provide a great place to start studying a topic that's coming up in a class.

    Remember that if you have any comments or suggestions about our Video Lectures, we'd love to hear about it. Just send an email to operations@brainmass.com.

    Creating Tables in Word 2010

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    An Introduction to Acrobat Pro X

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    Creating a Table of Contents in Word 2010

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    Overcoming Learning Issues with Computers

    In this series, Academic Expert Jennifer Kavanagh offers an alternative way to deal with overcoming learning issues when using computers. This video lecture is ideal for anyone who has ever struggled with computers in any capacity.

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    An Introduction to Excel 2010

    This lecture starts with the basics of the layout of Excel 2010 and how to navigate around in the Program; the video will cover introductory topics that will allow new users to become familiar with the program. This includes manipulating cells, entering data and the basics of formulas. Users will be READ MORE »

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