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An Introduction to Excel 2010

Aaron Barbee, MBA (#105647)

This lecture starts with the basics of the layout of Excel 2010 and how to navigate around in the Program; the video will cover introductory topics that will allow new users to become familiar with the program. This includes manipulating cells, entering data and the basics of formulas. Users will be provided with several keyboard shortcuts and other time-saving "tricks" to make their experience with Excel 2010 a more pleasant one. The video will cover the entry and editing of numbers and text entered into cells. This lecture is ideal for high school or college students who are not familiar with Excel 2010 but are facing the fact that they need to learn and then use it for a class.

In this series: 4 Videos | 00:19:56 Total Length

Part #: 1 | 05:21
Part #: 2 | 03:36
Part #: 3 | 05:57
Part #: 4 | 05:02