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Sampling Distribution

Statistics: Sampling

1. Consider a small population of 4 MBA students who are in the job market. One of the students has no job offers. 1 of the students has 1 job offer and the remaining 2 students each have two job offers. (a) Find the sampling distribution of the average number of job offers if the sample of size 2 is taken with replacement. (

Sampling Distribution Model of Proportion/Mean

A company supplies poultry farmers with hens, advertising that a mature B300 Layer produces eggs with a mean weight of 60.7 grams. Suppose that egg weights follow a Normal model with standard deviation 3.1 grams. A. What fraction of the eggs produced by these hens weigh more than 62 grams? B. What's the probability that

A cola dispensing machine...setting control limits

A cola dispensing machine is set to depense 9 ounces per cup with a standard deviation of .5 oz .THe manufacturer would like to set the control limits so that for samples of 16, 5% of the sample means will be greater than the upper limit and 5% of the sample means less than the lower limit. a at what values should the contro

Skewed Distribution and Sampling (Multi Choice)

The amount of time that it takes to take an exam has a skewed-to-left distribution with a mean of 65 minutes and a standard deviation of 8 minutes. A sample of 64 students will be selected at random. A. Which of the following properly describes the distribution of the amount of time it takes to take an exam? aa)N(65,8) bb) N(65,

Sampling distribution and approximate probability (Multi Choice)

NBA salaries averaged 2.1 million with a standard deviation of 1.2 million in 2000. Suppose a sample of 36 NBA players was taken. A. What is the sampling distribution of the sample mean? aa) Approximately N(2.1, 1.2) (unit in millions) bb)Approximately N(1.2, 2.1) cc) Approximately N(2.1, .2) dd) Approximately N(1.2, .35) B. Wha

Stats using basic excel and statpro

I have attached my original problem in word format and my answers in excel format. Could the OTA please check my work and offer suggestions where mistakes are obvious as this is the premise for me to build on in my coursework. Also, I am looking for detailed help in understanding what this data means/implies. For example, ho

E-value of a distribution

A person runs one mile to his house as fast as he can. It is equally likely that he will run at an average speed of 3 miles per hour, 6 miles per hour, and 9 miles per hour. What is the e-value of your distribution of the time it will take this person to get home? Multiple choice answers: a) 8 minutes b) 10 minutes c)