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Frequency Distribution

Statistical Genetics: Linkage Disequilibrium Question

1500 people were genotyped at two loci, G and H. Each locus had two alleles (G/g and H/h). The results were (frequency given for each two-locus genotype): Two-locus genotype Frequency GGHH 0.1020 GgHH 0.1341 ggHH 0.0441 GGHh


Please see the attached file for full problem description. --- To determine a target audience for a new email package, a computer company surveyed a large sample of potential customers, asking each whether he or she uses email on a regular basis. (The company considered "a regular basis" to be at least three times a week.) T

Statistics Exercises

11. Consider the following data. 14 21 23 21 16 19 22 25 16 16 24 24 25 19 16 19 18 19 21 12 15 17 18 23 25 20 23 16 20 19 24 26 15 22 24 21 22 24 22 20 a. Develop a frequency distribution using class limits of 12-14, 15-17, 18-20, 21-23, and 24-26. b. Develop a relative frequency distribu

ClairLinx Wireless

Please see the attached file for full problem description. --- ClairLinx Wireless, a start-up cell phone company, has divided its market of potential customers into three major groups: single, working; married, working; and retired. ClairLinx surveyed potential customers and asked each, "Of the following, which do you consi

Data Array Created for Data Set

Some investors take the strategy of investing in local companies. Each day the city newspaper carries the daily closing stock prices for some of the local companies. On a recent day, the closing prices for 37 companies were listed as follows: (see data in attached file) How would you create a data array for these data. I

Simulation using random numbers-airline reservation

An airline is trying to determine the number of operators needed for the different areas of their reservation system. The reservation system first asks customers whether they want to schedule a domestic or an international flight. Sixty-five percent of the reservations are for domestic flights. Callers then have the option of