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    Please explain schizophrenia.

    1- what is the disorder? 2- what are the causes of the disorder? what is the disorder's etiology? 3- what are some of the treatments for the disorder?

    Article Review on Schizophrenia

    Select an article on schizophrenia and review on the following: a. Write the purpose of the study (purpose statement is typically found in the introduction section) b. List the variables under investigation (typically found in the introduction [purpose statement], methods, and/or results sections) c. Report the findings

    Psychology questions are investigated.

    These areas are covered: -What is the role of dopamine in schizophrenia? -Discuss three types of schizophrenia and indicate what they have in common with each other and how they differ from each other. -Discuss features of schizophrenia such as age of onset, how prevalent it is, and how it is commonly treated today.

    schizophrenia summarized

    -In general, what is schizophrenia? -What is the difference between a positive and a negative symptom of schizophrenia? -What are some examples of positive symptoms? -What are some examples of negative symptoms? These questions are posed.

    The schizophrenia scale

    The schizophrenia scale consists primarily of items that are positive psychotic symptoms. True or False


    The disorder of schizophrenia __________ (a) is caused by a single gene that changes the way adrenaline is produced in the body (b) appears to be psychologically caused since no brain abnormalities have been found (c) is far more common in twins than non-twins (d) has been the subject of much study, but there are sti

    Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia

    Investigate the relationship between schizophrenia and cognitive ability. I am looking for one article about this topic as a place to begin my research and at least 25 sources.