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Family Systems Theories of Abnormality

Personality Qualities and Family Dynamics

What are the personality qualities and family dynamics of individuals who are most likely to exhibit anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and/or obesity? Do you see any similarities or differences in the cause of these eating problems? What are they?

Rational Choice Crime Explanation and Control Strategies. Specific examination of mother's killing of her own children- how does Rational Choice Theory explain and attempt to prevent this phenomenon.

Original Student Inquiry: A woman was recently arrested for drowning all four of her children. Her defense team suggested that she was depressed and had no idea what she was doing at the time of the crime. How is criminal behavior explicable according to rational choice theory? What crime control strategies are effective

Family Systems Chart

When working with a family, what is the benefit of creating a family systems chart? How can the chart be utilized with the client?

Family Processes and Adolescent Delinquency

Please help with the following problem regarding family processes and adolescent delinquency. What is the link between family experiences and delinquency in adolescents? Discuss briefly.