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I haven't been in school for 20 years and I have forgotten how to set up a math equation to figure out conversions (US to Metric).

Express physical quantities in different units of measurement.

1) A sphere has a radius 1.500m Find its volume in cm^3. Find its suface area in m^2 and in mm^2? 2) A truncated right circular cone has dimensions: upper base diameter =1.50cm lower base diameter = 4.00cm height = 6.00cm Find its volume in cm^3, m^3, mm^3 3) a person walks 5km in 1,5hr. What is the speed in mi

Converting units.

A hot air balloon contains 28 of hot air in it. What is this volume expressed in cu. meters? [We come across several instances in our day to day life where it becomes essential to convert units from one system to another]. Mathematically, the problem is as follows: 28 cm^3 = ____ m^3 ?