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Angstrom Unit

Given 1 angstrom unit = 10 ^-10 m and 1 fermi = 10 ^--15 m , what is the a. 1 angstrom = 10^5 fermi b. 1 angstrom = 10^-5 fermi c. 1 angstrom = 10^-25 fermi d. 1 angstrom = 10^25 fermi e. 1 angstrom = 10^-15 fermi

Metric Conversions : Speed and Kinetic Energy of the Eurasion Plate

The Eurasian plate, has a mass of 2.5*10^22kg and travels over the Earth's interior at 7 mm yr^-1. Express this speed in m s^-1(note there are 3.15*10^7 seconds in a year). Using the equation for kinetic energy Ek=1/2mv^2 (where m is mass and v is speed) calculate the kinetic energy of the Eurasian plate, give the final answer

SI Units

In this equation h has the units J s, c has the units m s^-1, k has the units J K^-1 and T has the units K. Can you determine the units of a? a=hc/5kT.


Two snowcats tow a housing unit to a new location at McMurdo Base, Antarctica, as shown in Fig. 4-43. The sum of the forces FA and FB exerted on the unit by the horizontal cables is parallel to the line L, and FA = 4900 N....See Attached

Relating Power to Distance and Speed: Conversion Problems

STEP1: A 240 horsepower car that weighs 4300 lbs beginning at a stop travels 1/10 of a mile. At optimum performance, what is the maximum speed in MILES per HOUR the car can reach? What is the speed in Mi/Hr at 1/15 of a mile? STEP2: In the same car, how many FEET have been traveled (at max performance) when the car reaches th

Temperature Scales

The world seems to think that a new temperature scale is needed, the NurAn degree. On this scale it is decided that water will freeze at 17 degrees NurAn and boil at 167 degrees NurAn. On this scale, what is the body's average core temperature? How about absolute zero? One day a nurse's temperature is measured as 75 degrees NurA

Vector A in polar coordinates, vector B in unit vectors

See attached file. Vectors A in polar coordinates and vector B with unit vectors are given. Find a vector sum and a vector difference. Ignore units. Vector A= 5 units at 53 degrees, and B= 5 i - 2 j in which i and j are unit vectors in x and y directions respectively. PART a. Show A and B and vector sum C in a polygon

Working with astronomical units.

Astronomical Unit of earth to sun is @ 1.50 x 10^8 km. Speed of light is about 3.0 x 10^8 m/s. Express the speed of light in terms of (AU) per minute.


I haven't been in school for 20 years and I have forgotten how to set up a math equation to figure out conversions (US to Metric).

Express physical quantities in different units of measurement.

1) A sphere has a radius 1.500m Find its volume in cm^3. Find its suface area in m^2 and in mm^2? 2) A truncated right circular cone has dimensions: upper base diameter =1.50cm lower base diameter = 4.00cm height = 6.00cm Find its volume in cm^3, m^3, mm^3 3) a person walks 5km in 1,5hr. What is the speed in mi

The Volume of a Balloon expressed in CU. Meters

A hot air balloon contains 28 cu.cm of hot air in it. What is this volume expressed in cu. meters? [We come across several instances in our day to day life where it becomes essential to convert units from one system to another]. Mathematically, the problem is as follows: 28 cm^3 = ____ m^3 ?