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    Sound & Hearing

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    Calculating the frequency of a string.

    When a guitar string is sounded along with a 440Hz tuning fork, a frequency of 5 Hz is heard. When the same string is sounded along with 436 Hz tuning fork, the beat frequency is 9 Hz. What is the frequency of the string?

    Determining the type of interference from the given situation.

    A person stands between two speakers driven by the same source. Each speaker produces a tone with a frequency of 200 Hz on a day when the speed of sound is 330 m/s. The person is 1.65 m from one speaker and 4.95 m from the other. What type of interference does the person sense? a: constructive b: destructive c

    A droppler question is imparted.

    An untethered(free) weather balloon travelling with the wind (at wind speed) emits a 1 khz sound wave. The wind is blowing with respect to the land due east at .25 times the speed of sound in air. If the free balloon is moving away (due east)from a tower at same height, what is the frequency of the sound detected at the tower?