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Scalar and Vector Operations

Electric force on an electron

What is the electric force (with direction) on an electron in a uniform electric field of strength 2780 N/C that points due east? Take the positive direction to be east.

Mass and cord tension of mass on a frictionless plane

A block with unknown mass M is held stationary on a frictionless plane inclined at angle b= 30 degrees, by a cord attached to the ceiling. The angle between cord and ceiling is angle a=50 degrees. The normal force exerted on the block by the plane is N= 74 nt. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for arrangement. Part a. On the diaqram shown as

Resultant displacement for girl delivering newspapers

A girl delivering newspapers travels three blocks west, four blocks north, then six blocks east. What is her resultant displacement? Please show how to complete this problem with a free body diagram, formulas, work with units and answer.

Components of a vector and unit vectors

While exploring a cave a woman starts at the entrance and moves the following distances. She goes 75.0m north,250m east, 125m @an angle of 30 degrees north of east and 150m south. Find the resultant displacement from the cave entrance.