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Solving Vector Problems

Hi, I am having a lot of difficulty understanding vectors, can you please assist me with these questions.

Given: position vector A = i hat.
position vector B = i hat + j hat + k hat.

1) Find A hat and B hat (unit vector in that direction).

2) Find position vector C in that plane perpendicular to position vector A.

3) Find position vector D in that plane perpendicular to position vector B.

4) Say position vector Q = position. vector A cross position vector B. Take Q across A such that is orthogonal to that plane.

5) If a vector is vector is orthogonal to A what does that mean?

6) Find C hat and D hat which are normalized vectors. What is a normalized vector?

7) Show by taking B across C, that the vector is now along Q.

8) If you take B across C you get a row vector E = B cross C, show that.

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