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Periodic Motion

Practice on sinusoidal wave

I am given a V peak of 3.98v, and a V trough of 1.49v. I found the Amplitude to be 2.49. I am now asked to find V e = V rms and I am not sure what is being asked or how to do the problem.

Finding parameters of a wave

Find the amplitude, period and the phase and then sketch (i) f(x) = 2 cos x + Pi (ii) f(x) = 2 sin (2x+ (Pi/2))

Finding angle and magnitude

In an assembly operation, a robot moves an object first straight upwards and then to the east, around an arc forming on quarter of a circle of radius 4.80 that lies in an east-west vertical plane. The robot then moves the object upward and to the north, through a quarter of a circle of radius 3.70 cm that lies in a north south

Mass and spring properties when in simple harmonic motion.

A mass sits on a frictionless table. It is attached to a wall by a spring. The mass is initially located at x = 0 when the spring is unstretched (equilibrium position). You pull the mass away from the equilibrium position, out to x = A, and then release it. The mass then oscillates horizontally back and forth in simple harmonic