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    Heat & Thermodynamics

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    Thermodynamics Rankine cycle efficiency problem

    An ideal reheat Rankine cycle operates between the pressure limits of 20 kPa and 8 MPa, with reheat occurring at 3 MPa. The temperature of steam at the inlets of both turbines is 500°C, and the enthalpy of steam is 3104 kJ/kg at the exit of the high-pressure turbine, and 2385 kJ/kg at the exit of the low-pressure turbine. Disre

    Thermodynamics air-conditioning problem

    An absorption air-conditioning system is to remove heat from the conditioned space at 20°C at a rate of 120 kJ/s while operating in an environment at 35°C. Heat is to be supplied from a geothermal source at 160°C. The minimum rate of heat supply is:

    Thermodynamics: Steam Turbine Power Output Calculation

    Steam expands in a turbine from 4 MPa and 500°C to 0.5 MPa and 250°C at a rate of 1740 kg/h. Heat is lost from the turbine at a rate of 12 kJ/s during the process. The power output of the turbine is: 222 KW 234 KW 438 KW 717 KW

    Heating Ice Problem

    When I was camping, I needed to bring 300 grams of ice at -15C just to the point of boiling at standard pressure. The ice was in a 200 gram aluminum pan. My stove delivers 850 Watts at 70% efficiency. How long does it take to heat it all up?

    Temperature Change Functions

    (1)Explain why a beaker filled with water at 4 degree celsius overflows if the temperature is decreased or increased (2)Mercury boils at a temperature of 357 Degree Celsius. How then can mercury thermometers be used to measure temperatures up to 500 Deg Celcius ? (3)Two thermometers are constructed in the same way except