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Practice problems - thermodynamics

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(1)Explain why a beaker filled with water at 4 degree celsius overflows if the temperature is decreased or increased

(2)Mercury boils at a temperature of 357 Degree Celsius. How then can mercury thermometers be used to measure temperatures up to 500 Deg Celcius ?

(3)Two thermometers are constructed in the same way except that one has a spherical bulb and the other has a cylindrical bulb. which one will respond quickly to temperature changes ?

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(1) This is due to anomalous expansion of water. The maximum density of water occurs at 4 Deg Celcius. So the water expands whether it is heated above 4 deg C or cooled ...

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The temperature change functions are solved. The anomalous expansion of water is determined. The solution provides explanations to the asked questions.

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