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Circular Motion

Motion in two dimension: Motion on a vertical Circle.

A small ball is suspended from point A by a tread of length L. A nail is driven into the wall at a distance of L/2 below A, at O. The ball is drawn so that the tread takes up a horizontal position. -At what point in the ball's trajectory will the tension in the tread disappear? -How much farther will the ball move? -What

Banked Frictionless Curve with Friction

A car of mass M traveling at speed v enters a banked turn covered with ice. The road is banked at an angle theta, and there is no friction between the road and the car's tires. What is the radius r of the turn (assuming the car continues in uniform circular motion around the turn)? Express the radius in terms of the given quanti

Problem 7.24

A 5.0-m-diameter merry-go-round is initially turning with a 4.0 s period. It slows down and stops in 20 s. a) Before slowing, what is the speed of a child on the rim? (in m/s) b) How many revolutions does the merry-go-round make as it stops?

Energy: Mass and Angles

If M=0, theta=arccos(2/3) where theta is the angle between the right, for example and the pearl at the top of the circle (or the ring). A ring of mass M hangs from a thread, and two beads of mass m slide on it without friction.The beads are released simultaneously from the top of the ring and slide down opposite sides. Sho

Force needed for circular motion

Show all work with the answer please! Calculate the centripetal force on a 2000-kg automobile rounding a curve of 175 m radius at a speed of 50 km/h.

Circular Motion Problems

A 12-in. diameter phonograph record rotates about its center by one-quarter turn. a. Through how many radians has it turned? b. How far has a point on the rim moved?

Circular Motion Problem

Show all work with answer please! A protractor is made so that the edge of its scale is 7.5 cm from the center point. If the scale is marked in degrees, how far apart are the marks along the edge?

Simple Harmonic Motion - Magnitude

The period of oscillation of a spring-and-mass system is 0.50 seconds and the amplitude is 5.0cm. What is the magnitude of the acceleration at the point of maximum extension of the spring?

Uniform circular Motion

A car with a constant speed of 83.0 km/h enters a circular flat curve with a radius of curvature of .400 km. If the friction between the road and the car's tires can supply a centripetal acceleration of 1.25m/s^2, does the car negotiate the curve safely? Justify your answer.

Mass oscillating on a spring

The position of a mass oscillating on a spring is given by X= 7.8 cm cos [2 pi t / (0.68 s) ] a. What is the frequency of this motion? b. When is the mass first at the position x= -7.8cm

Radius, Cetripetal Acceleration, Lift Force & Velocity Direction

A plane heading due North makes a level turn with a speed of 100 m/s. The angle of the bank is 15 degrees. Determine: (a) Radius of the circular path (b) Cetripetal acceleration (c) Lift force (d) Direction of velocity after 30 seconds (Weight of the plane is 19600 Newtons)

Magnitude of string tension

Hi. Can someone show me how to do the the following problem? "A mass M of 2.71 kg is attached to the end of a string whose length is 0.640 m, and is whirled in a vertical circle in the same radius about a fixed point. Find the magnitude of the tension when the mass is at the top if its speed at the top is 5.73 m/s." (I don

Mass suspended from a string - with tangential motion

Hi. Can you please show me how to do the following problem? It has me completely confused. "A mass m = 9.100 kg is suspended from a string of length L = 1.510 m. It revolves in a horizontal circle as shown. The tangential speed of the mass is 2.850 m/s. What is the angle theta between the string and the vertical (in degrees)?

Force and Motion Minimum Magnitudes

1. A 68 kg crate is dragged across a floor by pulling on a rope attached to the crate and inclined 15 degrees above the horizontal. (a) If the coefficient of static friction is 0.50, what minimum force magnitude is required from the rope to start the crate moving ? (b) If the friction is 0.35, what is the magnitude of the initia

Concept of centripetal force on a curved road

On a highway curve with radium 50m, the maximum centripetal force that can act on a 1,000kg car going around the curve is 8,000 Newtons. What speed limit should be posted for the curve so that cars can navigate it safely?

Simple Harmonic Motion is featured.

Point P is moving in a circle at constant speed. On a diameter on the x axis, point Q moves in such a way that the x coordinates of both P and Q remain the same. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram and explanation of parameters. PART a. First with parameters then with numbers, express x as a function of time. PART b. Since th

Calculating Period, Frequency and Angular Frequency

The fan blades of a jet engine make one thousand revolutions in a time of 50.0 ms. Determine (a) The period in seconds and (b) The frequency in Hz of the rotational motion (c) What is the angular frequency of the blade?

Working with vertical circular motion.

A fighter pilot dives his plane toward the ground at 230 m/s. He pulls out of the dive on a vertical circle. What is the minimum radius of the circle, so that the normal force exerted on the pilot by his seat never exceeds three times his weight?

Determining Rotation Rate Required

A fairground attraction called the rotor is a spinning drum with a movable floor that is dropped down as the drum speeds up. The people are held onto the wall by friction. If the minimum friction coefficient is 0.5, what is the rotation rate required before the floor is dropped? The radius of drum is 5.0m.