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    Bohr Theory

    The Bohr model represents an atom. The representation states that the atom has a positively charged nucleus surrounded by electrons. These electrons travel in a circular orbits around the nucleus. These electrons circulate according to gravity. Electrons can only stay in specific energy levels or orbits with energy being added to the atom. Electrons can only gain and lose energy by jumping from one allowed orbit to another, absorbing or emitting electromagnetic radiation with a frequency v determined by the energy different of the levels. This can be seen in Planck’s relationship:

    ∆E= E_2- E_1=hv

    Where h is Planck’s constant and v is:

    v= 1/T

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    Electron Bohr orbit acceleration & energy radiation

    a) What is the acceleration of an electron in a circular Bohr orbit of radius [4(pi)(epsilon_naught)(hbar^2)/(mass_electron)(e^2^)] in a hydrogen atom? b) According to the classical electrodynamics, what is the rate at which the electron loses energy by radiation? Hint: the classical formula for energy lost by electromagn

    Bohr Theory: Find Series Wavelength Limits

    See attached file for full problem description with proper diagrams. Question: Use the Bohr theory to find the series wavelength limits of the Lyman and Paschen series of hydrogen. Answers: 91.13 nm (Lyman) 820.1 nm (Paschen) I'm thinking that I need to use the formula below, but I don't really understand why nfinal

    Wavelength of the Transition

    A hydrogen-like ion has a nucleus of charge +Ze and a single electron outside this nucleus. The energy levels of these ions are -ZsquaredRH/n2 (where Z = atomic number). Calculate the wavelength of the transition from n=3 to n=2 for He+, a hydrogen-like ion. In what region of the spectrum does this emission occur?

    Bohr Theory and Balmer Series

    One of the lines in the Balmer series of the hydrogen atom emission spectrum is at 397nm. It results from a transition from an upper level energy level to n=2. What is the principal quantum number of the upper level?

    Bohr Theory Wavelength

    Calculate the shortest wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the hydrogen atom in undergoing a transition from the n=6 level.