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Recurrence Relation

Sets, Relations, Prim's Algorithm, State Tables and Recurrence Relations

1. Let A = {1, 2, 3, 4}, B = {3, 4, 5}, C = {1}, and D = {x: 3 < x < 10}. Are each of the following true or false? b. B &#8838; D c. &#8709; &#8838; D 2. Calculate the following: a. P(8, 4) 3. Let A = {1, 2, 3, 4}, B = {1, 4, 5}, C = {3, 5, 6}, and the universal set U = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}. a. Determi

Recurrence Relations Particular Solution

Solve the recurrence relation a(n)=3a(n-1)+10a(n-2) with the initial conditions a(0)=0 and a(1)=2. Solve the recurrence relation a(n)=3a(n-1)+10a(n-2) +12 with the initial conditions a(0)=0 and a(1)=2. For a particular solution, try a(n)=C, a constant.

Recurrence Relation in a Vending Machine

A vending machine accepts only pennies and nickels. a) Find a recurrence relation for the number of ways to deposit n cents where the order in which coins are deposited matters. b) What are the initial conditions for the recurrence? c) Use the recurrence to count the number of ways to deposit 12 cents.

Relation Functions Found

Let R be the relation { (1,2), (1,3),(2,3),(2,4),(3,1)} and let S be the elation { (2,1),(3,1),(3,2),(4,2)}. find SoR

Infinite Series Method 2nd order DE

The following second order Differential Equations must be solved with the appropriate Infinite Series Method. You may verify DE with other method only after work is shown step by step using the infinite series methods. Problems Use appropriate infinite series method about x=0 to find solutions of the given DE. 1) xy"-

Recurrence relations solutions

Hi, The general solution to 2a_{n+2} - 3a_{n+1} - 2a_n = 0 is a_n = A*2^n + B*(-1/2)^n I'm after the general solution for some variations on the above ... 2a_{n+2} - 3a_{n+1} - 2a_n = 36n 2a_{n+2} - 3a_{n+1} - 2a_n = 28 * 3^n 2a_{n+2} - 3a_{n+1} - 2a_n = 25 * 2^n

Recursions, Recurrence Relations, Difference Equations

1. Solve xn=axn-1+b when a=1. 2. An isotope of carbon called carbon-14 (14C) is used to establish the age of artifacts and fossils. It decays so that every 5000 years an amount of 14C is reduced to 54.44256% of its initial valued A archaeologist finds a fossil that contains 16% of the amount of 14C it contained when it was al

Recurrence Relation : Compound Interest

1. Pauline takes a loan of S dollars at an interest rate of r percent per month, compounded monthly. She plans to repay the loan in T equal monthly installments of P dollars each. a) Let a(subscript n) denote the amount Pauline owes on the loan after n months. Write a recurrence relation for a (subscript n). b) Solve the rec

Recurrence Relations, Partitions, Generating Functions

4. In noncommutative algebra, the term monomial refers to any arrangement of a sequence of variables from a set. For example, in a noncommutative algebraic structure on a set of four variables, {x,y,z,w} , examples of monomials of length 3 are xxx,xyx,xxy,zwy,wzx........ a) Write a generating function for the number of monom

R-Digit Ternary Sequences

How many r-digit ternary sequences are there in which: A) No digit occurs exactly twice? B) 0 and 1 each appear a positive even number of times? See the attached file.

Solutions of Recurrence Relations

Consider the recurrence relation . Show that the general solution is . Show that the solution with starting values and corresponds to and . Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problems.

Prove theta Relation : Reflexive, Symmetric and Transitive

Prove that theta is a reflexive, symmetric, and transitive relation; that is for all f, g, h: N to N, a. f belongs to theta f; b. f belongs to theta g then g belongs to theta f; c. f belongs to theta g and g belongs to theta h then f belongs to theta h;

Probability : Mean, Standard Deviation and Recurrence Relation

In order to test a vaccine, we have to find patients with a certain blood type, that is found in 20% of the population. Model W, the number of people sampled until we have found one with thhis blood type; X, the number sampled to find four with the blood type; and Y, the number with this blood type among 20 people. Find the mean

Domain and Range of a Relation

1. Find the domain and range of the relation {(x,y)&#9474;5x < -5} 2. Find the domain of the relation A={(x,y)&#9474;x^2+y^2=4}

Joint Mass Function, Forming a Triangle and Recurrence Relation

Suppose the joint mass function of X and Y, the numbers of goals scored by home and away teams in a soccer league is as shown in the below table... Another way in which a stick might be broken "at random" is to independently Select random points in each of the two halves. What would be the chance of the three pieces forming

Curls : Green's Theorem

When I write A_n it means A "sub" n. a) Define A_n= integral from 2pi to 0 of (Cos(theta))^(2n).d(theta) Proove the recurrence formula(*): A_n=(2n-1)/(2n)*A_(n-1) by writing Green's thorem for vector field F=x^(2n-1)j in the unit disc x^2+y^2<1 and evaluating each of the integrals sepa

Solving a Recurrence Relation

Solve the following recurrence relation: a(n) = a(n-1) + 3(n-1), a(0) = 1 I know this should not be a difficult problem, but my main problem is in solving the problem when the coefficient of the a(n-1) term is 1. Also, when a summation is in the solution, I do not understand how to convert from a summation to a C(n,k)