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    Partial Differential Equations

    Differential Equation: Partial Integrals

    For this problem state the menthod you used and show the work required to obtain the answer. Find the complete solution to each of the equation problem: 4y^2 - 4y^1 + y = e^(x/2) * square root of (1-x^2)

    Partial order and total order

    In each of the following say whether or not R is a partial order on A. If so, is it a total order? a) A= {a,b,c,d}, R= {(a,a),(b,a),(b,b),(b,c),(c,c)} b) A is the set of positive divisors of 24, that is A= {1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24}, and the relation R is dividing. If B is the set of positive divisors of 24 except 1, what is the