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Interpolation, Extrapolation, and Regression

Regression Analysis Modeling - Operational Management

This is a problem #13, chapter 9 - Regression Analysis, from the textbook by Cliff Ragsdale, "Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis". This problem requires the use of Excel and the add-in, called Solver. The course is Excel-based and Solver is the optimization application used for all problems. Scatter plot of the data nee

Regression Analysis for salary

Use regression analysis to set up and solve whether or not college experience really determines someone's salary in the work place. I've sampled a few of my colleagues. Years of college and salary = 2yrs / $30,000 4yrs / $60,000 6yrs / $70,000 6yrs / $80,000 8yrs / $100,000 3yrs / $40,000 4yrs / $70,000 5yrs / $60,

F-test for regression analysis

Please see attachment. F test of a multiple regression model The finance department of an automobile insurance company uses a multiple regression model to estimate the total number of accident claims that will be filed each month. Based on the most recent months of claims data, the company has selected independent variabl

Regression Analysis and Correlation Coefficient

An electric utility wishes to examine the relationship between temperature and electricity use in its service region during the summer months. The bivariate data below give the maximum temperature (denoted by , in degrees Fahrenheit) and the electricity use (denoted by , in thousands of kilowatt hours) for a random sample of f

Regression Analysis GDPCap

Please see attachment for a full description of the problem. A researcher used stepwise regression to create regression models to predict BirthRate (births per 1,000) using five predictors: LifeExp (life expectancy in years), InfMort (infant mortality rate), Density (population density per square kilometer), GDPCap (Gross Dom

Regression Models

4-16 Thirteen students entered the undergraduate business program at Rollins College two years ago. The following table indicates what their grade-point averages (GPAs) were after being in the program for two years and what each student scored on one part of the SAT exam when he or she was in high school. Is there a meaningful r

Forecast Demand - The gym has developed the regression model to ...

The gym has developed the regression model to forecast demand for trainers Demand = 185 + (.15*advertising expenditures)-(.05*doughnuts) + (.23*swim gear sales) What is the forecast for October, being advertising expendeitures of 1000, doughnut sales of 2450, and swim gear sales of 782 in September?


1. In the following regression, X = weekly pay, Y = income tax withheld, and n = 35 McDonald's employees. (a) Write the fitted regression equation. (b) State the degrees of freedom for a two- tailed test for zero slope, and use Appendix D to find the critical value at á = .05. (c) What is your conclusion about the slope? (d) In

Regression Study Questions

1. What is the variable used to predict the value of another called? A) Independent B) Dependent C) Correlation D) Determination 2. Based on the regression equation, we can A) predict the value of the dependent variable given a value of the independent variable. B) predict the value of the independ

Quantitative Methods : Linear Trends, Regression and Forecasting

1. The CEO of a small company is concerned about the continual growth in manufacturing costs over the past few years. The following is a time series of the cost per unit (in dollars) for the companys leading product over the past 8 years. A. graphic this time series. Does a linear trend appear? B. Develop the equation for t

Multiple regression analysis and least squares regression

I understand how to apply least squares regression to produce an estimated regression equation when a single variable is involved. How is that applied for a MULTIPLE regression analysis? Is there a simultaneous solution involving all variables at once, or is a separate calculation performed for each variable independently?

Managerial Accounting Mathematics - Mr. Liao

P3-52; Regression Analysis Mr. Liao, CEO of a manufacturer of fine china and stoneware, is troubled by fluctuations in productivity and wants to compute how manufacturing support costs are related to the various sizes of batches of output. The following data show the results of a random sample of 10 batches of one pattern o

Statistics : Regression Analysis

Using Excel as your processing tool, work through three simple regression analysis. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction column of all data points in the AIU data set as the dependent variable. Create a g

A problem on Regression is solved in this posting using Excel data Analysis. A complete Interpretation of the Excel output for Regression is given with explanation enabling students to interprete the Regression output of Excel.

*Please show all work, use excel and identify the value and units measured. (Notes for my own Use: Ch8: 6) The National Transportation Safety Board collects data by state (including the District of Columbia) on traffic fatalities. Part of this data is shown in the following table. along with potentially related factors incl

Statistics/Regression problem

A sample of 7 homes sold last week in Tampa, FL is selected. Can we conclude that as the size of the homes (reported below in thousands of square feet) increased, the selling price (reported in $ thousands) also increases? Home Size (thousands of square feet) Selling Price ($ thousands) Thousand Selling price (in

Linear Regression and Bioclimatic Rule

In biology, there is an approximate rule, called the bioclimatic rule for temperate climates,that has been known for a couple of hundred years. This rule states that in spring and early summer, periodic phenomena such as blossoming of flowers, appearance of insects, and ripening of fruit usually come about 4 days later for each

Explained and Unexplained variation and the least-squares regression line

Bivariate data obtained for the paired variables x and y are shown below, in the table labelled "Sample data." These data are plotted in the scatter plot in Figure 1, which also displays the least-squares regression line for the data. The equation for this line is y^ = 4.85+1.01x . In the "Calculations" table are calculation

Seasonal Index and Regression Models

Quarterly billing for water usage is shown below. Year Quarter 1 2 3 4 Winter 64 66 68 73 Spring 103 103 104 120 Summer 152 160 162 176 Fall 73 72 78 88 a. Find the seasonal index for each quarter. b. Deseasonalize the data. c. Find the trend line.

Trends and Forecasting : Linear Regression and Exponential Smoothing

1- The following data summarizes the historical demand for a product Month Actual demand March 20 April 25 May 40 June 35 July 30 August 45 Use exponential smoothing with and the smoothed forecast for July is 32 and determine August and September's smoothed forecasts. 2- 15. Robert has the following accoun

Regression Analysis

What do you know about regression analysis? What is the regression analysis good for?

Regression Equation

Health experts recommend that runners drink 4 ounces of water every 15 minutes they run. Although handled bottles work well for many types of runs, all-day cross-country runs require hip-mounted or over-the-shoulder hydration systems. In addition to carrying more water, hip-mounted or over-the-shoulder hydration systems offer mo

Regression : Interpretation of Intercept and Slope of Regression Line

6) The following regression line shows how the monthly return for the mutual fund TWCUX (Twentieth Century Ultra Fund) is mathematically related to the S&P500 monthly return. TWCUX = -2.61 + 1.27 (S&P500) Explain what both the intercept and slope of the regression line tell you in the context of this problem. Calculate

Scatter Diagrams, Slope of Regression Equation and Coefficient of Correlation

Super Markets, Inc. is considering expanding into the Scottsdale, Arizona, area. Ms. Luann Miller, Director of Planning, must present an analysis of the proposed expansion to the operating committee of the board of directors. As a part of her proposal, she needs to include information on the amount people in the region spend per