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Linear Regression

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What is the idea behind linear regression? What is it? Why do it?
What are some limitations of linear regression?

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Linear regression is used as a model to a set of data. With a given set of data plotted as coordinates, the closest linear model of a line is made and a ...

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Calculations for Simple Linear Regression

6. Following is a table with the set of x-values and their corresponding y-values filled in

xi yi xi2 xiyi
1 6
1 7
2 5
3 5
4 4
6 2
7 2
totals __ __ ___ ____
(sum of all values in each column)

a. Complete the table.

b. Find SSxy

c. Find SSxx

d. Find the least squares line.

e. Calculate SSE

f. Calculate s^2

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