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Graphs and Functions

Equation of a line

How do you fine the equation of a line? ~Find the equation of each line described below. Show all subproblems. a) The line through points (-1,4) and (2, 1) b) The line through points (6,3) and (5,5) c) The line with slope 1/3 through the point (0,5) d) The line parallel to y= 2x-5 through point (1,7)

Proving a problem is NP - complete by reduction from Vertex-cover.

Please see the attachment below for the complete question. We need to prove that the problem is NP -complete by reduction from Vertex-cover. Problem :- Given a collection of sets { S1, S2 ,..., Sn} and a positive integer K. Does there exist a set T with at most K elements such that T disjoint Si not-equalto empty , 1<=i<=n

Working with Iteration to Develop a Forumla

A single line divides a plane into two regions. Two lines (by crossing) can divide a plane into four regions, three lines can divide it into seven regions. Let psubn be the max number of regions into which n lines divide a plane where n is a positive integer.