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    Discrete Optimization

    Population explosion in a rabbit farm

    You own a rabbit far. Every week each pair of rabbits has two baby rabbits. However, the baby rabbits first reproduce when they are two weeks old. Initially you have a pair of newborn rabbits. How many pairs you have after n weeks?

    Minimizing Cost Functions

    There are two companies, the IL Company and the MO Company. They are trying to build a 3000 ft. tunnel connecting St. Louis, IL and St. Louis, MO. Each company will begin digging on their own side and eventually meet up with the other. The cost of digging x feet of tunnel for the IL Company is 1.95x^(2)+20x and it is 2.05x^(2)-3

    12 students 3 ways

    12 students are split 5 in room A, 4 in room B, and 3 in room C. How many different ways can this happen.