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Minimizing cost

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There are two companies, the IL Company and the MO Company. They are trying to build a 3000 ft. tunnel connecting St. Louis, IL and St. Louis, MO. Each company will begin digging on their own side and eventually meet up with the other. The cost of digging x feet of tunnel for the IL Company is 1.95x^(2)+20x and it is 2.05x^(2)-300x for the MO Company. Find the point at which the two companies should meet if the overall cost is to be minimized.

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This shows how to minimize cost between two companies. The overall costs to be minimized are discussed.

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Decision making tool

I need help seetting up the following information I'm using worksheets using the multi-attribution utility theory (MAUT) decision modeling tool. Information on how to prepare decision worksheets using this tool can be found at http://campus.murraystate.edu/academic/faculty/paula.waddill/PSY327/MAUT%20worksheet.doc (Please note: This website refers to a book by Halpren. This book is not needed to complete the assignment. All of the information needed is included on this site.)

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Many of the decisions being made by the new managers have led to problems. Senior management has been frustrated with the problems and has asked you to develop a plan to address this issue and help the new managers improve their decision making processes.

In preparing your proposal you felt it was important that all new managers learn how to use the MAUT decision modeling tool (identified in the web address above). You would like to have new managers use this decision making worksheet to map out the major decisions they have to make on the job.

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NOTE: The MAUT may be created in Excel.

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