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Computing Values of Functions

Functions with Postal Restriction

Postal Restrictions If a box with square cross section is to be sent by the postal service, there are restrictions on its size such that its Volume is given by V= x²(108-4x), where x is the length of each side of the cross section (in inches). (a) Is V a function of x? (b) If V= V(x), find V(10) and V(20). (c) What restr

Working with iterative methods.

The sequence of value given by the iterative formula is X n+1=2/9-lnXn with initial value X=1,converges to alpha. 1) State an equation satisfied by alpha, and hence show that alpha is the x coordinate of a point on the curve where y=3. 2) Use this iterative formula to find alpha correct to 2 decimal places, showin

The one norm

Prove rigorously that ||x + y||1 <= ||x||1 + ||y||1


A function f is defined on a set of real numbers. Is f one-to-one? Please give explanation so I may understand. (see attached file for function)

Linearization of a function. Attachments in Word.

The distance l from a point at a height h above the Earth's surface to the horizon can be approximated using Pythagoras' theorem by the expression: (Please see the attachment below) (a) Find an expression which serves as a linear approximation for l at h=1000 m. (b) Give two assumptions you think have been made in deriving