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Computing Values of Functions

Harmonic Function: Analyticity, Compactness and Minimum Value

Let (attached) be a function that is analytic and not constant throughtout a bounded domain (attached) and continuous (attached) on its boundary (here domain is an open connected set). Prove, by considering (attached) , that the component function (attached) has a minimum value in the compact region (attached) which occurs on

Functions and Graphs

Having trouble researching the number of deaths in the US each year due to each of the following medical conditions in each of these years: 1985, 1990, 1995, and 2002. heart disease, cancer and aids e.g. The websites keep bringing up different types of cancer, nothing is specific. Totally frustrated... e.g. 1980 throug

Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel iteration

The problem is from Numerical Methods. Please show each step of your solution and tell me the theorems, definitions, etc. if you use any. Thank you. Start with P0 = 0 and use Jacobi iteration to find..... (Complete problem found in attachment)

Demand Function, Cost Function. When x=500 units, is the demand elastic, inelastic, or unit elastic? Determine the production level of x that will minimize the average cost for this product. What is the average cost at this production level? What is the cost at this production level?

1. When x=500 units, is the demand elastic, inelastic, or unit elastic? The demand function is P(x) = 100-x/400 in dollars 2. The cost function to produce x items is given by: C(x)=1/9x^2 - 2x + 100 in dollars. Determine the production level of x that will minimize the average cost for this product. What is the ave

Knapsack Problem : Write in Canonical Form

Let [EQUATION1] with [EQUATION2] and [EQUATION3]. The idea is to write each such set in some simple canonical form. (i) When n = 2, how many distinct knapsack sets are there? Write them out in a canonical form with integral coefficients and 1 = [EQUATION4]. (ii) Repeat for n = 3 with [EQUATION5]. *(For proper equations an

Carrying capacity

Suppose that a population develops according to the logistic equation: dP/dt = 0.15P - 0.003P^2 where t is measured in weeks. what is the carrying capacity?

Obtaining a Target Number

Using the numbers 3, 3, 8 and 8 once and only once, obtain the target number of 24. (You have to use 3 twice and 8 twice - 3 x 8 = 24 is not acceptable). You may use only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (eg. no factorial). Hint: no addition in the equation.

Pursuit Example Problem

A dog walks north from a crossroads at 1 mile per hour. The dog's master begins one mile east of the crossroads and walks at all times directly at the dog with a speed of s>1 miles per hour. 1. Find the equation (in the form y = f(x)) that describes the path of the master. 2. When and where does the master overtake the do

Question about Linear Functions

Suppose the number of beers you drink depends on the number of football games you watch. If you drink five beers during every football game, the function would be Number of Beers (B)=5 times Number of Football Games (F), or B=5F. Write a brief describing this function that comes from your own life. It could be something about th

Weierstrass Approximation Theroem

Note: abs = absolute value Define f(x) = abs(x - 1/2) for 0 <=x <= 1. Use the proof of the Approximation Theorem to find an explicit polynomial p:R->R such that abs(f(x) - p(x)) < 1/4 for all x in [0,1]

Weierstrass Approximation Theorem

This question is about the Weierstrass Approximation Theorem Show that the Approximation Theorem does not hold if we replace I by R(real number system), by showing that if f(x) = e^x for all x, then f:R->R cannot be uniformly approximated by polynomials.

D'Alembert's formula

Utt means the second derivative with respect to t Uxx means the second derivative with respect to x Utt = 4Uxx, -(inf) < x < (inf), t > 0 U(x,0) = x, Ut(x,0) = xe^(-x^2) for -(inf) < x < (inf) Please use D'Alembert's Formula and show all work. If there is Fourier series, please show how you got eigenvalues and eige

Iteration Formula Sequence

The sequence of value given by the iterative formula is X n+1=2/9-lnXn with initial value X=1,converges to alpha. 1) State an equation satisfied by alpha, and hence show that alpha is the x coordinate of a point on the curve where y=3. 2) Use this iterative formula to find alpha correct to 2 decimal places, showin

The one norm

Prove rigorously that ||x + y||1 <= ||x||1 + ||y||1

One-To-One Functions Determined

A function f is defined on a set of real numbers. Is f one-to-one? Please give explanation so I may understand. (see attached file for function)

Four stationary points of a multivariable function

A surface is described by the multivariable function f(x,y) where: f(x,y) = x^3 + y^3 + 9(x^2 + y^2) + 12xy a) Show that the four stationary points of this function are located at: (x1, y1) = (0, 0) (x2, y2) = (-10, -10) (x3, y3) = (-4, 2) (x4, y4) = (2, -4)

Linearization of a function. Attachments in Word.

The distance l from a point at a height h above the Earth's surface to the horizon can be approximated using Pythagoras' theorem by the expression: (Please see the attachment below) (a) Find an expression which serves as a linear approximation for l at h=1000 m. (b) Give two assumptions you think have been made in deriving