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Combination Application Word Problems and Summations

Exercise # 1 A) How many nonnegative integer solutions are there to the pair of equations: And B) How many ways are there to distribute 20 toys to m children such that the first two children get the same number of toys if: 1- The toys are identical? 2- The toys are distinct? Exercise #2

Combinations Application Word Problem

A person has 3 different letters to write, 2 interviews to do, and 2 commercials to review. In making aschedule, (first, second, etc.) how many different combinations are there?


A disk jockey can play 7 songs during his program. If there are 13 songs to chose from, in how many different orders can the song be arranged?


How many four letter codes can be formed using A,B,C,D,E and F? No letter can be used more than once.

Random walk

Hi I would appreciate if you could help me with this question. Is the question below TRUE or FALSE and explain why ? Question: I have two random walks, both starting at 0 and with a reflecting boundary at 0. Each Step, Walk A goes up 1 with probability 1/2 and down 1 with probability 1/2(except at the boundary). Each

Sequences : Measurable Subsets and Cantor Sets (2 Problems)

1) a. Let with . If is a measurable subset of R, prove that and are measurable. b. let E =[0,1]Q. Prove that E is measurable and (E)=1. c. let P denote the cantor set in [0,1]. Prove that 2) If E R, prove that ther exists a sequence { } of open sets with E for all n such that = . -

Counting techniques

I am having a hard time trying to understand an example problem in my math book. The problem goes: In how many ways can 3 white tiles, 2 blue tiles, and 2 red tiles be arranged in a single row?( I also need to assume that the tiles are identical except for color.)

Sets, Counting and Grouping

Out of 30 job applicants, 11 are female, 17 are college graduates, 7 are bilingual, 3 are female college graduates, 2 are bilingual woman, 6 are bilingual college graduates, and 2 are bilingual female college graduates. What is the number of women who are not college graduates but nevertheless are bilingual?

How different statistical devices can be used in business?

How the following statistical devices can be used in business today? Describe their usefulness and how businessman can be benefit, or how to help them in making sound decisions. (Explain individually) --probability --probability distributions --normal distribution --permutation and combinations

Combinations Application Word Problems (5 Problems)

2. A group pf 12 students have been hired by the city this summer to work as ground keepers. (a) During their first week of employment, half will be assigned to pick up garbage down town while the other half go on a training course. The second week, they will switch places. In how many distinct ways can 12 students be assigned

Finding Different Combinations

Imagine you've been left in charge of an ice cream stall and you have three flavours of ice cream to sell - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. If you're selling triples (a cone with three scoops) how many different combinations can you sell?

Well Ordered Set : Proof of Refelxive and Transitive under Relation

Trying to prove the following: A set "A" is called a well ordered set if there is a relation R on A such that R is reflexive, transitive, and for all a,b are elements of A, either aRb or bRa. Prove that the set of the integers is a well-ordered set under the relation less than or equal to. Would I just need to prove th

Permutation Groups : Inverse and Product

Let alpha = [1 2 3 4 5 6] beta = [1 2 3 4 5 6] [2 1 3 4 6 5] [6 1 2 4 3 5] Compute each of the following: a) alpha^-1 b) alpha beta Please see attached for full question.

Probability : Permutations and Probability Distributions

1. You dream of someday winning the lottery (don't we all). You found out about a new lottery where the winning numbers are five different numbers between 1 and 34 inclusive. To win the lottery, you must select the correct 5 numbers in the same order in which they were drawn. According to your calculations, the probability of wi

Sets and counting

Six people are going to travel to Mexico City by car. There are six seats available in the car. In how many different ways can the six people be seated in the car if only three of them can drive?

Set Operations : Union, Intersection, Complement and Number of Elements

Use the information provided to determine the correct answers U={1,5,10,15,20,25,30} A={1,10,15} B={1,10,20,25} C={5,15,30} a.) A U B b.) C ^ B' (the ^ is supposed to be an upside down U) c.) (A ^ C') U B d.) n(A U B)' E.) use the sets provided to draw a venn diagram illistrating the relationsh