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    A circle is a basic shape used in geometry which is representative of a closed curve creating two regions which separate a plane. These two regions are known as the interior and exterior. Additionally, another feature of a circle is that all points are an equal distance from the center.

    There are a few measurements which are associated with circles:

    1. Radius: The radius can be taken from any point on a circle and it is equal to the distance from a point on a circle to the center.
    2. Circumference: The circumference is equal to the entire distance around a circle following a circle’s edge.
    3. Diameter: The diameter is a measurement which calculates the distance from one point on a circle directly across to the corresponding point on the other side of a circle. The diameter is twice the value of the radius.

    Figure 1. This figure provides an example of a circle. The radius is represented by the black line extending to the center of the circle. The diameter is depicted by the red line which passes through the center of the circle. The circumference is illustrated by the dashed line which acts as the edge of the circle.

    Furthermore, the value the concept of pi (∏) is also tightly correlated with the shape of a circle. Pi is always equal to approximately 3.14 and describes the ratio of the circumference to the diameter. Regardless of the size of a circle, this ratio of pi will always be the same.


    ∏ = circumference/diameter 

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    Formula of Circle

    A circle is the set of points that lie at a constant distance from one point, the center of the circle. This solution explains the equation of a circle with a center point that can exist anywhere on the coordinate plane.

    Banking of circular track

    The sleepers of a railway track which is turning round a bend of radius 60m are banked so that a train traveling at 40 km/hr exerts no lateral force on the rails. Find the lateral force exerted on the rails by an engine of mass 10^5 kg when traveling at 30 km/hr? Does the force act on the inner or out rail? How does one know?

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    To whom it may concern, I have a related rates problem on a right circular cone that is increasing its volume at 2 cubic feet/min, and its radius at .1 ft/min, and at the moment that the radius 1 ft and the height is .4 ft find the rate of change of the height of the cone.

    Circle - Radian Measure

    Circle - Radian Measure: The length L of the arc is given by L = Phi*r The area A of the sector is given by A = Phi*r^2 / 2 Problems: 1. Calculate the area of a segment of angle pi/2 cut from a circle of radius 5cm. 2. Calculate the area of a segment of angle pi/3 rad cut from a circle of radius 10 cm.

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    1) An equilateral triangle with sides of length 10 is inscribed in a circle. Find the distance from the center of the circle to any side of the triangle. 2) A regular octagon is inscribed in a circle of radius 12cm. Find a) the side length and b) the distance from center of the circle to a side.

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    Trigonometric Values and Distance Around a Unit Circle

    1. Given that sin 59.1 =0.8581, cos 59.1 =0.5135 and tan 59.1=1.6709, find the six function values for 30.9. 2. If I start at (0,1) on the unit circle, and I travel around the circle until I come to (square root of -3/2, -1/2) how far ?(distance) have I traveled around the circle?

    Polar Coordinates and Area of a Circle

    A) In polar coordinates, write equations for the line x=1 and the circle of radius 2 centered at the origin. b) Write an integral in polar coordinates representing the area of the region to the right of x=1 and inside the circle. keywords: integration, integrates, integrals, integrating, double, triple, multiple

    Mobius Transformations for Circles

    Prove: For any given circles R and R' in C_oo, there is a mobius transformation T such that T(r)=R'. Further, we can specify that T take any 3 points on R onto any 3 points of R'. If we do specify Tz_j for j=2,3,4 (distinct z_j in R), then T is unique.

    Area Between Two Concentric Circles

    I have a word problem that requires me to find the area of the ring and the area of the circle where the area between each concentric circle is r which is the same as the smallest circles radius. How can I find the radius and compare them to each other? Would I use the standard formula of a circle? keywords: washer

    Two distinct, nonparallel lines are tangent to a circle....

    Two distinct, nonparallel lines are tangent to a circle. The measurement of the angle between the two lines is 54° (angle QVP). Suppose the diameter of the circle is 2cm. What is the distance VP? Suppose the distance VP is 3.93 cm. What is the diameter of the circle? Find a formula for d, the diameter of the circle, in t

    Finding the Equation of a Circle

    A circle is tangent to the y-axis at y=3 and has one x-intercept at x=1 a.) Determine the other x-intercept b.) Deduce the equation of the circle

    Area of Fire

    A brush fire is burning a circular area whose radius is increasing at a rate of 3 feet per minute. How fast is the area of the fire increasing when its radius is 25ft?

    Proof involving circle

    Here is the question to prove: Given a circle with radius Q, and a point on the circle R and considering a circle with diameter QR. Let a line go through R and intersect the smaller circle at S and the larger circle at T. Construct a diagram and prove that RS=ST.

    Area of Region Traced by Spheres

    A sphere of radius 1 is covered in ink and rolled around between concentric spheres of radii 3 and 5. If this process traces a region of area 1 on the larger sphere, what is the area of the region traced on the smaller sphere?

    Loci and Circles

    1. Describe each locus algebraically. Then graph the locus and describe the locus geometrically. For part (d), prove that the locus is the perpendicular bisector of the line joining the two points. a) locus of points 5 units above or below the x-axis b) locus of points equidistant from (-3,0) and (5,0) c) locus of poi

    Cylinder Inscribed in a Sphere and X-Intercepts of a Parabola

    1. When a cylinder is inscribed in a sphere, the sphere's diameter is equal to the diagonal of the cylinder's height and diameter. Relate height of the cylinder to the radius of the sphere. 2. Which of x-values does the parabola defined by y = (x-3)2-4 cross the x-axis?

    Prove algebraically that the stereographic projection of a circle

    Prove algebraically that the stereographic projection of a circle (C) lying in a sphere (S) is either a circle or a straight line. Definition: Stereographic projection is done from the north pole of the sphere onto a plane tangent to the sphere at its south pole. Hint: A circle on the sphere is contained in a plane (P),

    Find the Ratio of the Lengths of Two Squares

    A square is inscribed in a circle, with each corner of the square touching the circle. A larger square is circumscribed outside the circle, with each side of the larger square touching a corner of the inscribed square. The sides of the larger square are longer than the sides of the smaller square by a factor of ....?