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    Algebraic Geometry

    Geometric and arithmetic series, pulleys in parallell

    Resistances in series can be reduced to a unique resistance R such that eq(1) R= r1 + r2 +...+ rn in Parallel , we have eq (2) 1/ (1/r1 +1/r2 +...+ 1/rn) For the pulleys , to reduce the effort to keep a block and tackle (which has a mass M at he end) in equilibrium , the necessary force F to

    Urysohn's Lemma for Normal Spaces

    A Hausdorff space is said to be completely regular if for each pt. x in X and closed set C with x not in C, there exists a continuous function f: X --> {0,1} s.t. f(x)=0 and f(C)={1}. Show that if a space is normal, it is completely regular. How do I use Urysohn's lemma along with Hausdorffiness to show this. Thank

    Scale Model Mercury

    I have a model of Mercury that is 5 inches in diameter the actual diameter is 4880 km. What is my scale?


    Phil and Fran are photographers who develop their own pictures and also restore old photographs. They have an enlargement and reducing machine that can change the size of photographs. A customer asks Fran to enlarge a 3 inch by 5 inch photograph to 8 inch by 10 inch. Can this be done without cutting or distorting the picture?