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    Criminal Organizations

    What are examples of common behaviour among organized crime groups? How do these behaviours affect the attributes of organized crime? How have these traits helped organized crime survive in the United States?

    Organized Crime Activity

    What is organized crime? What are some examples of organized crime? What sre some similarities among various criminal organizatins?

    The History and Future of Criminal Justice

    Who played the greatest role in creating our new discipline, profession, and science of criminal justice: the courts? Congress? The administration? The universities? Explain your answer. Why was criminal justice not regarded as "system" in the past and why is it now regarded as such"? Should capital punishment be imposed

    Case Study on "Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994".

    The purpose of case study is to research and discuss the creation, development, and implementation of the Act into the criminal justice system. Identify the steps of its development through analyzing the following: 1. Problem identification 2. Agenda setting 3. Policy formulation 4. Policy implementation 5. Policy ev