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    Molecular Engineering

    Differential Distillation: Rayleigh's Equation

    Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem(s). A liquid feed consisting of 1200 gmoles of mixture containing 30% naphthalene and 70% dipropylene glycol is differentially distilled at 100 mm Hg pressure and final distillate contains 55% of the feed solution. The VLE data are x 8.4 11.6 28.0 50.6 68.7 80.6 8

    Differential Distillation Benzene and Toluene Separation: Rayleigh's Equation

    Please see the attached file for the fully formatted problem(s). 100 moles of Benzene (A) and Toluene mixture containing 50% (mole) of Benzene is subjected to a differential distillation at atmospheric pressure till the composition of benzene in the residue is 33%. Calculate the total moles of the mixture distilled. Average

    Differential Distillation by Rayleigh Equation

    Problem: A binary mixture of benzene and toluene containing 40% of benzene is to be distilled at 1 atm pressure to recover 95% of the benzene. Estimate the molal percent of mixture to be distilled and the composition of the distillate obtained if distillation is carried out by Differential distillation, collecting all the disti

    Equilibrium Flash Distillation

    A feed of 50 mole % hexane and 50 mole % octane is fed into a pipe still through a pressure reducing valve and then into a flash disengaging chamber. The vapor and liquid leaving the chamber are assumed to be in equilibrium. If the fraction of the feed converted to the vapor is 0.5, find the compositions of the top and bottom pr

    Steam Distillation: Boiling Point Calculation

    The problem is attached in the following file. Vapor pressures of chlorobenzene and water are given below: Pressure, mm Hg 100 50 30 26 Temperature oC, Chlorobenzene 70.4 53.7 42.7 34.5 Temperature oC, Water 51.7 38.5 29.9 22.5 If steam is blown into the still containing a mixture of these two components and the total pr

    McCabe-Thiele Method: Calculation of Theoretical Plates

    The solution is detailed and well presented. Problem: A saturated liquid mixture containing 60 mole % benzene and 40 mole % toluene is to be distilled continuously into a distillate product containing 90 mole % benzene and the bottom product containing 5 mole % benzene. The fractional distillation column will operate at ap

    Maximum Volume of Fermentor that can be used without Additional

    The heat generated by fermentor is 60 kcal/hr L. The cooling capacity of jacket is 10,000 kcal/hr m^2. For a cylindrical fermentor with H/D of 3, the jacket area (m^2) is porportional to fermentor volume (m^3) to the 2/3 power. Area of Jacket (m^2) = 7*v^(2/3) (m^3) What is the maximum volume of the fermentor that can be