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Differential Distillation - Rayleigh's Equation

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A liquid feed consisting of 1200 gmoles of mixture containing 30% naphthalene and 70% dipropylene glycol is differentially distilled at 100 mm Hg pressure and final distillate contains 55% of the feed solution. The VLE data are
x 8.4 11.6 28.0 50.6 68.7 80.6 88
y 22.3 41.1 62.9 74.8 80.2 84.4 88

a. Determine the amount of distillate
b. Determine the concentration of naphthalene in residue and distillate

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Solution Summary

In this problem, the amount of distillate and composition of naphthaline in the top layer and residue has been determined. The solution is detailed and well presented.

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