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    Distillation process - balanced and constitutive equations

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    The attached drawing shows a steady state distillation process. Assuming no heat losses to the atmosphere:
    a) Write four balanced equations for this system.
    b) Identify where any constitutive equations may be required for the modelling processes.

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    Feed total mass = mass of X + mass of Y.
    => mF = mFX + mFY
    mass of X, mFX = 60% of mF = 0.6 mF
    mass of Y, mFY = 40% of mF = 0.4 mF

    Top product:
    Top product total mass = mass of X + mass of Y
    => mT = mTX + mTY
    mass of X, mTX = 99% of mT = 0.99 mT
    mass of Y, mTY = 1% of mT ...

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    Solution to a distillation process, estimating balanced equations by applying heat and mass conservation concept.