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    Federal Reserve policy explained

    Explain the impact Federal Reserve policy has had on your personal spending decisions and the decisions of the federal government. Provide at least one example of each to support your answer. 300 words will suffice. This is just your own personal opinion. Thanks

    Need some econ help urgently

    Hello, need some urgent help with 2 economics questions. Most of it are simple computations of supply, demand and equilibrium. Please sign out if you know you can do it correctly. I really appreciate this.

    Marginal Tax Rate

    How do you calculate a marginal tax rate if all you get are these stats? Could you please show your work so I can do this on my own if it's on a test? Thanks! Suppose taxes are related to income level as follows: INCOME / TAXES $1,000 / $200 $2,000 / $350 $3,000 / $450 Is the tax rate progressive, proportional or r

    Oil prices so high current and future

    Three questions 1. What do economists tell us about why oil prices are what they are and what is going to happen to them in the future? 2. How did they reach these conclusions? what theories and concepts do they consider to be most relevant? 3. Do you find their analysis convincing? why or why not?

    Taxation Problem

    Employee Benefits. Ursula is employed by USA Corporation. USA Corporation provides medical and health, disability, and group term life insurance coverage for its employees. Premiums attributable to Ursula were as follows: Medical and health $3,600 Disability 300 Group term life (face amount is $40,000) 200 During the year,

    Supply of Loanable Funds

    1. Why is the supply of loanable funds up sloping? why is the demand for loanable funds down sloping? Explain the equilibrium interest rate. List at least 3 factors that might cause the equilibrium interest rates to change. 2. How do the concepts of accounting profit and economic profit differ? Why is the economic profit smal

    Corporate Income Taxes

    I know that the number of stockholders is limited with a Subchapter S corporation and that the life or the corporation is unlimited. I believe that stockholders have the same liability as members of a partnership, am I right? Thank you.

    Discussion Question

    Answer the following question in your own words without quoting anyone: In your own words, discuss the taxation principles and relate them to tax incidence. Define the key terms as you go.

    Macroeconomic Events

    Please help me understand how macroeconomic events impact asset values in both the short and long run. Please include monetary and fiscal policy and shocks in the explanation.


    With the article from Boston.com - try to answer the questions that follow: http://www.boston.com/business/articles/2008/05/11/gas_stations_offering_credit_cash_discounts_could_lose_customers/ 1. Is the tax levied on the producers or consumers? 2. How does the tax affect supply or demand? 3. How does the tax affect equilibr

    new price, quantity and incidence of taxation on consumers

    Hello OTA's I am hoping someone can show me how to do this question. It is in my economics book, and I need to figure out how to get the answer. Can someone show me how to do this question. Thank you. In a market, demand is initially given by Q=100-20P, and supply by Qs=50+10P. Find the equilibrium price and quantity.

    List of the various ways the government interacts with the economy

    Compile a list of the various ways the government interacts with the economy (refer to material on legal prices,taxes, antitrust and environmental policies). Based on your assessment of the effectiveness of such government interventions in achieving their goals, construct an analysis of the efficiencies and inefficiencies create

    Pigouvian Subsidies

    Don't understand why pigouvian subsides shift up marginal private cost up, lead reduce the total output of firms? I thought pigouvian subsidies will shift marginal private cost line down... but as my prof said, government intervene externality though pigouvian taxation and subsidies. and both reduce firms output. and the resu

    Automatic Fiscal Stabilizers

    Determine whether each of the following is an example of an automatic fiscal stabilizer: a) Government agency arranges to make loans to business when ever an economic downturn begins b) As the economy heats up, the resulting increase in equilibrium real GDP immediately results in higher income tax payments, which dampen consum

    If the price of a good rises, then producer surplus

    Please check this for me. If the price of a good rises, then producer surplus a. will increase b. will decrease c. will remain the same d. may change but we can't tell how it is a If there is an increase in demand, total surplus a. will increase b. will decrease c. will remain the same d. may change but we can'

    Multiple choice question

    Could someone please help with the following multiple choice questions. Your help is GREATLY appreciated! 1. The real wage a. equals the amount of goods and services that can be bought. b. is the amount of money received per unit of time. c. is not adjusted for changes in the price level. d. will rise faster than the mon

    Because monopolistically competitive firms charge a P > MC

    Please verify my answers: Because monopolistically competitive firms charge a P > MC a. monopolistic competition is efficient b. monopolistic competition is inefficient c. the marginal benefit to society of an additional unit of output is below its cost d. B and C are true My answer is D When individuals take extern

    Flat tax: fairness and equity

    The concept of a "flat tax." Can you please explain to me how this tax scheme works and does it meet the criteria of tax efficiency and tax fairness/equity?

    reform of property taxation

    Early in the twentieth century, Chinese leader Sun Yat Sen proposed a reform of property taxation. Every landowner would be asked to report the value of his land. The tax authority would then be allowed to choose between accepting tax based on the reported value and buying the land at the reported value. Explain how this mech

    Taxation Policy

    Provide an example of a tax and discuss how it affects efficiency and equity.