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    Determining the Taxation Procedure

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    How do you calculate a marginal tax rate if all you get are these stats? Could you please show your work so I can do this on my own if it's on a test? Thanks!

    Suppose taxes are related to income level as follows:


    $1,000 / $200
    $2,000 / $350
    $3,000 / $450

    Is the tax rate progressive, proportional or regressive?
    What is the marginal tax rate on the first $1,000 of income? The second? The third?

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    The marginal tax rate is the tax that you pay on each additional dollar you earn. With the data you have here this is the way to interpret it:

    First $1000 that you earn will require you to pay a tax of $200.
    The next $1000 ...

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    Determine whether a given tax system is proportional, progressive, or regressive.