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    Official Measure of GDP

    Explain what happens to the official measure of GDP in each of the following situations. a. Air quality improves significantly throughput the United States, but there are no effects on aggregate production or on market prices of final goods and services. b. The U.S. government spends considerably less on antipollution effo

    Simple spending multiplier

    9. (Simple Spending Multiplier) For each of the following values for the MPC, determine the size of the simple spending multiplier and the total change in real GDP demanded following a $10 billion decrease in autonomous spending: a. MPC = 0.9 b. MPC = 0.75 c. MPC = 0.6

    Labor productivity

    A union employer is able to produce a machined part for $8.90 per unit and the cost of one (1) hour of union labor is $26.70. If a non-union employer is able to pay their employees $17.00 per hour and can produce the identical part with 30 minutes of labor, which supplier should you purchase the part from? If the higher cost em

    MPP/Marginal Product Table Values

    (See attached file for full problem description with chart) Complete the following table by filling in columns 4 (units of MPP) & 5 (Marginal Revenue Product). If the wage rate is $64 per day, how many people should the company hire (no part time employees)? MPP = Marginal Physical Product

    Annual Worth Series of Disbursements

    Calculate the annual worth (years 1 through 10) of the following series of disbursements. Assume that i = 12% per year. Year Disbursement,$ Year Disbursement,$ 0 $5,000 6 $5,000 1 $3,500 7 $5,000


    Find the capitalized cost of a present cost of $30,000, monthly costs of $1,000, and periodic costs every 5 years of $5,000. Use an interest rate of 12% per year, compounded monthly?? A. $-80,000 B. $-136,100 C. $-195,200 D. $-3,600,000

    Gantt Chart Dataflow Diagram

    Using the Gantt chart view in MS Project as a starting point, create a dataflow diagram for any sort of web business. Be sure to use the conventions of data flow diagrams.

    Operation Research

    Please see attachment for questions relating to JIT concept and economic order quantity. Thanks.

    The Multiplier Effect Timeline

    In the real world, we should expect the multiplier process to work itself out_______________. a. almost instantaneously b. within a few days c. within one month d. only over many months.

    Real GDP and Price Index

    See attached file: Quantities Produced Quantities Produced Prices Prices CDs Tennis Racquets CDs Tennis racquets Year 2004 100 200 20 110 Year 2005 120 210 22 120 1. Calculate real GDP for 2004 and 2005 using 2004 prices. By what percent did real GDP grow? 2. Calculate the value of t

    Stock Market Return Risk Ratio

    If you have a certain amount of money invested in the stock market for a moment of time, then there is an expected return on that investment (the stock market goes up on average), and a risk, a variance in that return (the stock market flucuates), both of which are proportional to the amount you have invested. As those moments

    Constructing a Graph and Finding Relationship between Variables

    I need to construct graphs using three related variables: 1. Snowfall (inches) 2. the number of mittens sold per day. 3. Price of each pair of mittens. Each graph needs show the relationship between two of the variables while holding one constant. I know how to construct the graph and plug in the figures, but I'm ha

    Relationships Between Two Variables of X & Y

    I need to construct a graph showing relationships between two variables; X & Y x:0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ------------------------------ y:0 1 4 9 16 25 36 49 64 1. I must explain if the relationship is positive or negative. 2. I must calculate the slope between X and Y when x equals 2 & when x equals 4. 3. I must exp

    Standard deviation

    3(a) Daily samples of 100 power drills are removed from Tec Best's assembly line and inspected for defects. Over the past 21 days the following information contained in Table 1 has been gathered. i. Develop a 3 standard deviation (99.7%) confidence p chart and graph the samples. ii. Is the process in control? iii. If not

    Product development/advantages and disadvantages

    In the early 1990s, Chrysler Corporation placed nearly all decisions about the development of a new vehicle in the hands of a single, cross-functional product team. In contrast, General Motors used an approach that placed a stronger emphasis on functional specialties. Small teams were established that consisted of experts from

    Equation Solution for Calculating GDP, Price Index and Nominal

    Equation Solution Use the information given in the table below to answer questions 4(a) and 4(b) (See attachment for table) (a) Calculate the real GDP for the years 1996, 1997, and 1999. (b) Calculate the price index for 1998 and the nominal GDP for 2000.

    Market Demand Curve and Price Elasticity

    In ref to my previous question apples rises from $3 a pound to $3.45 and your consumption of apples drops from 30 apples a month to 21 apples basically which would represent the X axis and which would represent the Y axis or can a graph be created to chart

    marginal value of cookies

    The textbook claims that when people do not have to pay anything to use valuable resources, such as urban roadway space, they will continue using them until their value diminishes to zero. That often strikes people who have not yet become thoroughly familiar with the marginal way of thinking as wrong. Why would people choose t

    Federal funds rate target

    In late June the Fed lowered its federal funds rate target from 1.25% to 1%. However between mid June and early August the yield on longer term 10 year Treasury notes rose from 3.1% to over 4.3%. This shows that Federal Reserve activity is irrelevant to the behavior of long term interest rates" Agree or Disagree with the u

    Geometric Mean

    Growth rates in real GDP for the past 5 periods are as follows Period % Growth Real GDP 1 +3.5% 2 +4.25 % 3 -2.0% 4 +2.5% 5 +4.5% Calculate the geometric mean rate of growth.

    Bond Quotes and Values

    What is the dollar amount of each of the following bonds? · 10⅜ 2001 Feb. $10,000 par Treasury note selling at 101:11 · ATT has a debenture outstanding, maturing in 2010 and paying an 8.00 % coupon rate. The current market value of the bonds is 98 ¼. · $1,000,000 U.S. Treasury bond maturing 04/15/25 paying

    Profit Maximization / Product usage

    While Boeing and Airbus make airplanes, GE, Rolls Royce, and Pratt & Whitney make jet engines. Airlines make their deals with the aircraft manufactures on the aircraft they want and then make a deal with the engine manufacturers with respect to the engines for that aircraft. Suppose that Boeing decided that it wished to manu

    Bundles and reservation price summary

    Five different consumer types exist (A, B, C, D, and E) in equal numbers. They are interested in buying (at most) one of each good at their reservation prices (or at any price lower than their reservation prices). Easter time is approaching and a pet store is contemplating selling bunny rabbits and baby chicks. Parents seem

    Increase Real GDP

    Suppose that the MPC is 0.8 and that $10 trillion of real GDP is currently being demanded. The government wants to increase real GDP demanded to $11 trillion. By how much would it have to increase government spending to achieve this goal?

    a trend toward gradual depreciation of the dollar

    If American prices drift upward somewhat more rapidly than prices in the other mixed economies, the probable result will be: A) exchange controls. B) tariffs or quotas. C) value-added subsidies to exports. D) gradual overvaluation of the dollar. E) a trend toward gradual depreciation of the dollar.

    MPC and Marginal Propensity to Import (MPm)

    Hate math 68. In an open economy, MPC = 0.6, MPm = 0.2. This implies that: A) MPS in the open economy is lower than in the closed economy. B) MPS = 0.4 only if the economy were closed. C) in the open economy, if GDP increases by 200 spending on consumption = 120. D) in the open economy, if GDP increases by 200