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How Interest Rates Affect Long and Short Term Bond Prices

"The values of outstanding bonds change whenever the going rate of interest changes. In general, short-term interest rages are more volatile than long-term interest rates. Therefore, short-term bond prices are more sensitive to interest rate changes than are long-term bond prices" Is this statement true or false? Please explain

Underinvestment in Education

"Why is it likely that in a system of private education (i.e., a system in which individuals pay for their own education) there will be underinvestment in education? *Remember, education, likes yard work, provides additional social benefit to the society."

Total Profit Maximization - Dairy Farm Company

I'm having problems figuring out how to graph the attached problem. I know it must include product transformation curves, with total cost points, as well as total revenue lines. I'm just very confused about how to even get started. I need some guidance.

quantity theory of money

Suppose that the quantity of money in circulation is fixed but the income of velocity of money doubles. If the real GDP remains at its long run potential level, what happens to the equilibrium price level? Stays the same doubles triples quadruple

Finding the Multiplier

Given an increase in spending of $1,000, and a Marginal Propensity to Consume (MPC) of 80% (8/10), what would be the total increase in the GDP (as a result of the Multiplier?) What would the Multiplier be? Please show all work to help me clearly understand this problem.

Total Sunk Cost and the Total Opportunity Cost

Dave is employed by a company that currently pays him $65,000 per year. He owns a new car that he bought for cash of $32,500. Dave is thinking about returning to school to obtain a law degree. Tuition for the school he wants to attend is $28,000 per year, books average $1,350 per year, and room and board average $12,550 per year

Demand Curve Described Equations

The demand for a shake at a Juice Shop can be described by the equation: Q= 1000- 240P + 80N, where Q denotes the number of shakes sold per day, P is the shakes price and N is the price of a shake at a nearby cafe. a. How many shakes will be sold if P=$1.50 and N= $1.20? b. Write down the equation for the firm's demand curve f

Calculate the Real GDP in Each Year

Calculate the real GDP in each year, assuming that the nominal GDP was $559 billion in the base year, $577 billion in year one, and $605 billion in year two; and that the price index rose from 100 to 104.5 in the first year, and up to 108.3 in the second year. If the price index 20 years before the base year was 41.2, and the no


Among the advantages of the _____________ technique of forecasting are ease of calculation, relatively little requirement for analytical skills, and the ability to provide the analyst with information regarding the statistical significance of results and the size of statistical errors. least-squares trend analysis

Reinvestment under IRR

When two mutually exclusive projects are considered, the NPV calculations and the IRR calculations may, under certain circumstances, give conflicting recommendations as to which project to accept. The reason for this result is that in the NPV calculation, cash inflows are assumed to be reinvested at the cost of capital, while i

Probability types

Probabilities, which are based on past data or experience, are called a. a priori. b. objective. c. uncertain. d. statistical.

The internal rate of return of a project can be found

The internal rate of return of a project can be found a. by discounting all cash flows at the cost of capital. b. by averaging all cash inflows, and calculating the interest rate, which will make them equal to the average investment. c. by calculating the interest rate, which will equate the present value of

Tying Arrangement Substitutions

A tying arrangement exists when a. a company sells two products that are substitutes for one another. b. a company requires that a customer tie itself down by signing a long-term purchasing agreement. c. a buyer is required to buy both a specific product and its complementary product from the same supplier. d. a company

Monopolistically Competitive Firm

In the long run, the most helpful action that a monopolistically competitive firm can take to maintain its economic profit is to a. continue its efforts to differentiate its product. b. raise its price. c. lower its price. d. do nothing, because it will inevitably experience a decline in profits.

Adverse Selection versus Moral Hazard Incentive Problem

WHich of the following is an example of an adverse selection problem and which is a moral hazard incentive problem? In each case, give one method that the restaurant might use to reduce the problem 1) A restaurant decided to offer an all-you-can-eat buffet that is sold for a fixed price. The restaurant discovers that the cust

perfectly competitive firm's short run cost

Assume a perfectly competitive firm's short run cost is TC = 100 + 160Q + 3Q2. If the market price is $196, what should it do? a. produce 5 units and continue operating b. produce 6 units and continue operating c. produce zero units (i.e., shut down) d. cannot be determined from the above information

Total Revenue Curve

When the slope of the total revenue curve is equal to the slope of the total cost curve monopoly profit is maximized marginal revenue equals marginal cost marginal cost curve intersects the total average cost curve. the total cost curve is at its minimum both a and b are correct

Goods and services

Which of the following is an example of how the question of "what goods and services to produce?" is answered by the command process? government subsidies for affordable housing laws regarding equal opportunity in employment government allowance for the deduction of interest payments on private mortgag

Costs, Outputs, and Profits

Instructions for Homework #5: A Perfect Competitive Firm: Costs, Outputs, and Profits The following graph represents a perfect competitive firm operating in the short-run. Please answer the following questions based on the information from the graph. Please show all your work to get full credits. a. Please determine the firm