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Investment, time, and capital markets

I have three questions and I am not sure what equations to use to solve the problems. What equation do I use to determine how much labor the firm should employ? A firm's demand curve and its total product of labor are detailed in the charts below. The firm's demand curve for its product is as follows:

Venture Capital Problems

A new Internet company anticipates that it will need $30 million in venture capital in order to obtain a $1 billion terminal value in seven years. 1. Assuming that this company is a seed-stage company with no prior investors, what annualized return are investors anticipating? 2. Next, assume that the founder wants a venture ca

Calculating Project Free Cash Flow

MTV is considering the purchase of a new network system. The network is call MTV2 and is expected to reduce the amount of time that the technicians spend installing software applications. MTV currently spends 7000 hours a month on installations, which cost MTV $20 per hour. The owners of MTV2 claim that their network can redu

What would you pay today for a stock that is expected to make a $1.50 dividend in one year if the expected dividend growth rate is 3% and you require a 16% return on your investment?

6. What would you pay today for a stock that is expected to make a $1.50 dividend in one year if the expected dividend growth rate is 3% and you require a 16% return on your investment? 7. A project costs $475 and has cash flows of $100 for the first three years and $75 in each of the project's last five years. What is the

Game Tree problem to be solved using backward induction.

Formulate the following situation as an extensive form game (using a game tree) and solve it using backward induction. Bingo Corporation and Canal Corporation are the only competitors in the electronic organizer industry. Bingo Corporation is considering an R&D investment to improve its product. Bingo can choose from three level

Present and Future Values

1. Your Uncle Joe has just died and left $10,000 payable to you when you turn 30 years old. You are now 20. Currently, the annual rate of interest on can obtain by buying 10-year bonds is 6.5 percent. Your brother offers you $6,000 cash right now to sign over your inheritance. Should you do it? No he should not do it be because

Present Value

17-Computing Cost of Goods Manufactured Using the following information, compute cost of goods manufactured, which is the cost of inventory transferred to Finished Goods Inventory. Work-in-process inventory, beginning balance . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . $132,425 Work-in-process inven

Cash flow

1. Rappaport Enterprises is considering a project that has the following cash flow and WACC data. What is the project's NPV? Note that a project's projected NPV can be negative, in which case it will be rejected. WACC: 10.00% Year:0 1 2 3 4 Cash flows:-$1,000 $400 $405 $410 $415

NPV of project

A firm must spend $ 10 millions today in a project. That is expected to bring in annual revenues of $1.5 millions for the next 10 years (beginning at the end of year 1).The firm cost of capital is 5%, what is the NPV of this project?

Murdock Paints is in the process of evaluating two mutually exclusive additions to its processing capacity. Determine the range of annual cash inflows for each of the two projects. Assume that the firm' s cost of capital is 10% and that both projects have 20-year lives. Construct a table similar to this for the NPVs for each project. Include the range of NPVs for each project.

Murdock Paints is in the process of evaluating two mutually exclusive additions to its processing capacity. The firm's financial analysts have developed pessimistic, most likely, and optimistic estimates of the annual cash inflows associated with each project. These estimates are shown in the following table. Project A Projec

Three Investment Alternatives

You have been given the return data shown in the first table on three assets?F, G, and H?over the period 2007-2010. Expected return Year Asset F Asset G Asset H 2007 17% 18% 15% 2008 18 17 16 2009 19 16 17 2010 20 15 18 Using these assets, you have isolated the three investment alternativ

Present Value, Rate of Interest

1.In payment for your engineering services a client offers you a choice between: (i) $10000 now, or (ii) a share in the project which you are certain you will be able to cash in for $16500 in five years. If you choose the $10,000 now it could be reinvested at an annual interest rate of i = 10%. Which is the most profitable c

Lathe Investment Decision

Need help figuring this out. Please provide a DETAILED solution with calculations and formulas where needed. The answers should be pretty simple. Please use words in your explanation as well as formulas). Prepare a 5-10 minute oral presentation accompanied by 5-7 Microsoft Powerpoint slides illustrating the Capital Investmen

Investment Spending: GDP in the New Equilibrium

Please define the oversimplified multiplier and use your knowledge of the concept to answer the following question. Suppose that GDP is currently $25,000 and the marginal propensity to consume is .50. If autonomous investment increases by $5,000, what will GDP be in the new equilibrium? Assume the oversimplified multiplier is ac

Economics: Payback and Net Present Value

Please help with the given economics problem: X-treme vitamin company is considering two investments, both of whch cost $ 10,0000. The cash flows re as follows. Which of the two project shouldb chosen based on the payback method? Which of the two prjectsshould be chose baded on teh net presnt vue method? Should afirm norm

Investment Demand

What's wrong with the following statement? If the investment demand for loanable funds rises, then the supply of loanable funds will rise, so the equilibrium market interest may rise or fall.

Calculate Ratios

Show the calculation for the return on investment ratios and the return on equity ratios for both kraft foods and general mills for the 2005 and 2006 years. Compare the results. I have attached a grid however I am having a problem extracting the figures for the companies.

Common Stock Value; Net Present Value Profile

25. Maxwell Communications paid a dividend of $3 last year. Over the next 12 months, the dividend is expected to grow at 8 percent, which is the constant growth rate for the firm (g). The new dividend after 12 months will represent D1. The required rate of return (Ke) is 14 percent. Compute the price of the stock (P0). 21.

Stocks X & Y

You are considering investing in two stocks with the unimaginative names stock X and stock Y. You believe that there are only three scenarios possible for the future and they can be labeled "bear market," "normal market," and "bull market." The table below shows the returns for the two stocks for these three scenarios and also

Finance Question

You are given the following information: ? Baseline (last year) sales: $10 million ? Sales growth rate years 1-10: 25% ? Sales growth rate after year 10: 5% ? Profit margin years 1-10: 20% ? Profit margin after year 10: 10% ? Fixed capital investment rate: 10% ? Working capital investment rate: 7% ? Cash tax rat

Areas of Finance

Describe the money market and capital markets, investments, and financial management. Why is it important for people in finance to know about all of these areas, even if they work in only one area?

The term

Carefully explain the difference between the term "investment" as used by economists and the way it is used in everyday life. Use this to explain the major components of investment in the GDP accounts and why they are classified in this way. If a firm buys a ream of paper for a copier, which will be used within a year, how does

Equilibrium Level of GDP

1. Find the equilibrium level of GDP demanded in an economy in which investment is $250, net exports are zero, government purchases and taxes are both $400, and the consumption function is as follows: C = 250 +.5 DI 2. Now referring to the problem above, Add the following aggregate supply and demand schedules. Price level

Investment Yield

Suppose it is now Jan. 1, 2007, and you just sold an investment that you own for $12,500. You purchased the investment 4 years ago for $10,500. During the time you held the investment, it paid income equal to $1,000 each year. What is the 4-year holding period yield that you earned on your investment? Please show how you a

Internationalizing debt

What is "internationalizing" the debt and how is it relevant to today's economy? How does internationalizing the debt reduce crowding out? What are the costs of internationalizing the debt?

NPV, IRR, Cost of Capital, & EOQ

1. The price of a product is $1 a unit. A firm can produce this good with variable costs of $0.50 per unit and total fixed costs of $100. What is the break even level of output? 2. If increasing the use of financial leverage (debt financing) increases the return on equity (roe), why would a company not simply continue to us