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    Game Theory

    Non existence of patents game theory

    Non existence of patents game theory implies privately motivated innovated decisions of companies could potentially produce ? (small amount of innovation, a great deal of innovation, socially economical level of innonvation, none of the above)

    Amazon's effect on national book stores

    National book stores have had to alter their operations to compete with Amazon and internet purchasing available through places such as Amazon. How can game theory be applied to Amazon's effect on national book stores?

    Market Structure

    Note: Please I need a thorough explanation. 1. Explain the meaning of a Nash Equilibrium when firms are competing with respect to price. Why is the equilibrium stable? Why don't the firms raise prices to the level that maximizes joint profits? Also discuss and critique what strategies firms could use to attempt to maximize

    Game Theory- Ford and GM

    Use table in attachment to answer 1. Why would Ford want to lower price while keep GM keeps it high? 2. What is the best choice in this game when GM and Ford trust each other? 3. What will the oligopolists choose if they do not trust each other?

    Game Theory & Nash Equilibrium

    In a one-shot game, if you advertise and your rival advertises, you will earn $7 million and your rival will earn $2 million in profits. If neither of you advertise, your rival will make $4 million and you will make $2 million. If you advertise and your rival does not, you will make $8 million and your rival will make $3 million

    Game Theory: Example Problem

    While grading a final exam, an economics professor discovers that two students have virtually identical answers. She is convinced the two cheated but cannot prove it. The professor speaks with each student separately and offers the following deal: Sign a statement admitting to cheating. If both students sign the statement, each

    Game Theory - Dominant Strategy

    4) Mitchell Electronics produces a home video game that has become very popular with children. Mitchell's managers have reason to believe that Wright Televideo Company is considering entering the market with a competing product. Mitchell must decide whether to set a high price to accommodate entry or a low price to deter entry

    Game Theory: Payoff matrix, strategy

    Two basketball players, Barbara and Juanita, are the best offensive players on the school's team. They know if they "cooperate" and work together offensively-feeding the ball to each other, providing screens for the other player, and the like- they can each score 12 points. If one player "monopolizes" the offensive game, whil

    Marginal and Nash

    See the attachment. Three airlines (A, B and C) are competing for passengers on a lucrative long-haul air route. At present, the carriers are charging identical fares ($225 for a one-way ticket), the result of a truce in recent price wars. The airlines currently compete for market share via the number of scheduled daily departu

    Using Nash equilibrium

    You operate in a duopoly in which you and a rival must simultaneously decide what price to advertise in the weekly newspaper. If you each charge a low price, you each earn zero profits. If you each charge a high price, you each earn profits of $3. If you charge different prices, the one charging the higher price loses $5 and

    Use Nash equilibrium

    Solve and explain You are considering entering a market serviced by a monopolist. You currently earn $0 economic profits, while the monopolist earns $5. If you enter the market and the monopolist engages in a price war, you will lose $5 and the monopolist will earn $1. If the monopolist doesn't engage in a price war, you

    Apply game theory

    Solve and explain 3. You are a potential entrant into a market that previously has had entry blocked by the government. Your market research has estimated that the market demand curve for this industry is P = 22,500 - 75Q, where You estimate that if you enter the market, your own cost function will be Cy(Qy)

    The figure below shows a payoff table for two firms, A and B

    #56 The figure below shows a payoff table for two firms, A and B. Which strategy is a dominant strategy for Firm A? A) Strategy I B) Strategy II C) Strategy III D) Strategy IV E) None of the strategies available to firm A is a dominant strategy #57 Which strategy is a dominant strategy for Firm B? A) Strategy I B

    Nash equilibrium, long-run profits, gas prices

    1. (a) A monopolist uses price discrimination to increase their profits. Where does this profit come from? Use a graph to explain your answer. (b) How is monopolistically competitive firm different from a perfectly competitive firm in the long-run? Graph this. (c) What characteristic of monopolistic com

    Finding Nash equilibrium

    Kodak & Fuji produce photographic film. Suppose that there are no other significant producers, so that Kodak and Fuji constitute a duopoly (oligopoly). Suppose that the firms can produce 500 or 750 rolls of film for a given market in a given quarter. Assume (1) that firms face the same cost structure; (2) that if both produce 50