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    Economic History and Theory

    Factor Endowment, Comparative Advantage and American Jobs

    Please review the following case study and then assist with the questions below: Globalization Threatens Canada's Auto Industry: Implications for the Economy and Society Richard Ivey School of Business 9B06M008 Discussion questions: If the auto industry were to leave Canada, how seriously would the Canadian economy and so

    Point Estimate on Survey Results

    17. A Louis Harris poll used a survey of 1008 adults to learn about how people feel about the economy (Business Week,August 7, 2000). Responses were as follows: 595 adults The economy is growing. 332 adults The economy is staying about the same. 81 adults The economy is shrinking. Develop a point estimate of the follow


    Describe the similarities between the health-care sector and it's problems and the higher education sector and it's problems. Why do these two sectors in our economy have similar problems? According to one study, the salaries of full professors at this nation's most prestigious universities have risen over 50 percent (correc

    Smoking Cessation Services

    PCT funding cuts to hit GP smoking cessation services. GPs face losing effective smoking cessation resources just when they need them most, because cash-strapped PCTs are running down services. The warning comes from the architect of the NHS's smoking cessation service Prof Robert West, director of Tobacco Studies at Cancer R

    Dominant Strategies

    P14.2 Dominant Strategies. Conceive of two competitors facing important strategic decisions where the payoff to each decision depends upon the reactions of the competitor. Firm A can choose either row in the payoff matrix shown here, whereas firm B can choose either column. For firm A, the choice is either "up" or "down"; fo

    Industry Impacts: Broadcasting and Media

    Please find the case study 'Strategic Inflection: TiVo in 2003 from Harvard business school'. Facts of the case: Q1: What is Tivo, and how does it fit into someone's living room? (For additional info: If you haven't seen Tivo in action, try finding a friend that has.) What constitutes Tivo's technology? Q2: What has bee

    Economics of internet

    A. What price-cost markup is implied by a firm' elasticity of demand equal to -3.0? B. A "loss leader" is often defined as a product which is sold below incremental cost in order to build traffic to a store (whether physical or online). How would you reconcile the use of loss leaders with the markup rule you used in part A.

    Copyright decisions

    Please explain the reasons why Harley Davidson cycle company would want copyrights on the word "hog" and for exclusive rights to its engine sound. Thank you for your explanation.

    early age of trade

    In the period up to 1500 AD, what were the most important transactions cost that affected trade?