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Please find the case study 'Strategic Inflection: TiVo in 2003 from Harvard business school'. Facts of the case:
Q1: What is Tivo, and how does it fit into someone's living room? (For additional info: If you haven't seen Tivo in action, try finding a friend that has.) What constitutes Tivo's technology?

Q2: What has been the history of Tivo's subscriber growth? Revenue growth?

Q3: What is the up-front cost of a Tivo to a new subscriber? On-going cost? How does that compare to cable costs?

Q4: Who makes the Tivo box, and how has that changed over time?

Q5: What are the key benefits of Tivo to users?

Q6: How does Tivo affect the quality of the hours spent viewing television?

Q7: What is the current state of the U.S. advertising market place, especially mass media?

Q8: How does television get into the homes of U.S. viewers?

Tivo's Business Model
Q9: Who are Tivo's customers?

Q10: How profitable has Tivo been (specific numbers are available in the case)? Why is this?

Q11: What are Tivo's key strategic options?

Q12: What are Tivo's key strategic threats?

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